We are not the only fans in meltdown mode

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  • Isn't it always meltdown mode / sky is falling for all fans after a loss?
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  • Polaris wrote:
    hawkfan68 wrote:
    BlueTalons wrote:
    Coug_Hawk08 wrote:Who the heck is in meltdown mode? We are #1 right now. . .


    Saints are on the outside looking in now and have clinched NOTHING. We STILL are on the "inside looking out."

    We end up the #5 seed...then we'll talk...

    Saints aren't on the outside looking in...they own the tiebreaker against the Cards. They have the #6 seed as of now.

    True, but the Saints are in a horrible position. If they lose, then San Fran and the Cards can agree to TIE and lock them out (putting both teams in the playoffs). Basically the Saints have to win and then pray for a 49Ner win (or Carolina loss) or have a very real risk of not making the playoffs at all.

    Even if they do (which they probably will), the Saints are probably one and done since they will almost surely play on the road.

    The 9ers aren't gonna agree to tie with Cards to help get them in the playoffs when a win would give them the division should we lose again. Besides, I think the 9ers would relish the chance to face the Saints again after how the last game ended.
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