Matt Flynn sucks

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Re: Matt Flynn sucks
Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:45 pm
  • Hatred is such a sad and empty state of mind.
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Re: Matt Flynn sucks
Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:02 pm
  • Jville wrote:Hatred is such a sad and empty state of mind.

    I hate you.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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Re: Matt Flynn sucks
Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:31 pm
  • MidwestHawker wrote:
    seahawk2k wrote:Funny how the guy gets beat out of a job by a rare, transcendent player, and people dog on him all the time.

    I mean...this season says a lot. He gets beat out for the starting job in Oakland, then when he gets to play because of an injury, Oakland's immediate response is to cut him. Not just make him a backup or a third-stringer, but cut him.

    Then he goes to Buffalo, presumably to at least be in the spot above Jeff Tuel on the depth chart. By the time the Bills have to use someone in that spot, they go with Tuel. Tuel plays pretty badly...and Buffalo's response is to cut Matt Flynn.

    These are awful teams that deemed within weeks that he shouldn't even be allowed in the building. It's hard to think that he's very good.

    Funny, but I won't base any player evaluations based on Oakland's and Buffalo's persnnel moves. The Raiders cut Flynn because the fans flipped out when he had one bad game and they all went postal. Oakland's OL is terrible in pass pro and a guy like Flynn won't last behind that. I thought Flynn would be a good starter but he has no arm strength. Someone wrote that he needs Tommy John surgery. Makes sense.
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Re: Matt Flynn sucks
Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:37 pm
  • MidwestHawker wrote:
    ivotuk wrote:Think about what you are saying here, do you really believe Oakland makes good decisions? They also got rid of Carson Palmer.

    Then he goes to the bills with zero time in their system, so he's already at a huge disadvantage and EJ is coming back.

    So those two teams decisions really tell me nothing about how well flynn has been playing.

    Ummm, well I don't think getting rid of Carson Palmer is the worst thing, no. The point is that Oakland had spent draft capital on him in the trade with us, had to sort of want him to win the job, and he didn't come all that close.

    As for Buffalo, Thad Lewis stepped in with zero time in their system and played kinda sorta halfway well, so I guess I'm not sure I give him that as an excuse either.

    I don't think multiple NFL teams outright cut you in a season if they see much value in you. He seems to be a borderline backup/maybe a #3.

    Think about what you're saying, and who you're saying it about:

    Carson Palmer. Not mobile. He needs time and a good OL and he can make plays and good decisions.

    Matt Flynn. Somewhat mobile. Will hold the ball. Doesn't have the best arm strength but can throw open WRs.

    Both these guys need good OLs and Oaklands might be the worst in the league. Also, name me an Oakland WR that's any good. Hell, I don't even know who their TE is either.

    Funny how Palmer is playing better, and now Flynn is playing better back in a system with some weapons to throw to. Two QBs improving their situation as soon as they left Oakland. But hey, Oakland makes great personnel decisions, right ?
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