Security Guards Fired Because Picture Taken With Tom Brady

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  • Two security guards were fired for having their pictures taken with quarterback Tom Brady after the Houston Texans' loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

    One of the men, Joel Williams, who worked part-time at the stadium, told KHOU-TV that he had his picture taken with Brady just as he was ready to clock out from his shift.

    A photo opportunity with Tom Brady cost two security guards their jobs at Reliant Stadium.
    After taking the picture with Brady, Williams said he was run down by a supervisor, who told him he was fired.

    I understand this is policy, but give me a break. Don't take the Texans' crappy play out on these two guys. The one guy was just finishing up his shift.
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  • I, too, think those two cats got a straight-up, stone-cold BS deal.

    Next thing you know, NFL teams won't let their players get Peyton Manning's or Tony Gonzalez's autograph after the game.

    Oh. Wait.
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  • They should be fired. They knew the rules. And if they were chumming up with players then they were not doing their job. Security.
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  • Now fire the ref that high five'd the Viking last weekend. Replace him with someone competent if possible.
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  • djb28 wrote:They should be fired. They knew the rules. And if they were chumming up with players then they were not doing their job. Security.

    Cmon now. Rules like this are there but it shouldn't be so cut and dry. Did these guards have a history of this? Did they harass other players for pics? Were they not doing their jobs outside of these couple seconds?
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  • Petty as hell
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  • Jville wrote:Is it a self esteem issue?

    Does the supervisor slum at a second job as a secret shopper?

    Primary job is a Walmart Greeter??? :sarcasm_off:

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