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  • The funny thing about this game is what it means to each team and how much the Niner fans wanted to insist the only reason we won the previous two was because it was our super bowl. The reality is the last two games were billed as the clash of the Titans and equally important for both. In the first of the two games Seattle made the statement to the NFL that we are for real and we are coming.

    The Niners want to lean on making the super bowl as proof they were the better team but ignore that they had a much easier path to get there that was made possible by the fastest delay of game penalty I have ever seen on a FG attempt. If the snapper gets that ball out literally a half a second sooner or even the delay of game penalty gets called in normal fashion the Rams sweep them and the Niners are the #5 seed and we are the #2 seed. I think the Niners could have beaten the Redskins but with that field it is not a far stretch to think they would have lost key players just like we did and if they would have limped into Atlanta just like we did. Does anyone believe the Niners could have beaten Atlanta if Gore had a sprained ankle like Lynch did? Not to mention they were 1-2 in 10am games against much lessor opponents last season. It is highly likely they couldn't have won even healthy in a 10am start.

    The second game was another statement game by Seattle that served the team motto of leave no doubt. The Niners came into Seattle knowing how important that game would be and simply could do nothing to stop another statement game from happening.

    Of all the games between Pete's Seahawks and Jimmy's 9er's this is the ultimate statement game but only really if Seattle wins. If Seattle loses it really is no big deal. It very likely will have no affect on our season, playoff seating or confidence. The only statement that stands to be made is if we go in and beat the 9ers at Candlestick. That is the statement that leaves no doubt as to the better team as well as saying the 9er team that only wins easy games is the real 9er team.

    Essentially you could say this is the 9ers super bowl. If they cannot beat Seattle at Candlestick everyone will question if they even belong in the conversation of top teams. A loss in this game is monumental to them while being somewhat pedestrian for us.

    Truth is I am more concerned about health in this game than a win.

    Do I still have the hate for the Niners fans? Not really. I'd say they are more like pesky flies than anything lately. Not really worthy of venom at this point.
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