Over/Under 5 stabbings at Chargers/Raiders tonight?

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  • In the stadium and the surrounding area. I'm taking the over.
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  • I will take the over
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  • At Raiders???

    Under, gangsta rap died with 2pac. They are Niner fans now.
    "it'd be a newborn deer" - pehawk
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  • Because of the late start, a lot of Raider fans are going to have to stay home so as not to miss check-in time at their halfway houses.
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  • Bad Form J, the 49ers are playing tonight also, how do ya tell the difference on the streets around the bay at night.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • Yeah, I attended an Oakland game, solo, and I'm short and loud. No threats we're detected. Raider fans are like the Seahawks South End zone types; interested in make-up and camera time, exclusively.

    The REAL over/under is # of pounds Flynn gained since his demotion to 3rd string. That's presently at 6.
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  • What I don't like about these kinds of bets is you don't have a running score. Takes the fun out of it for me. Then, you don't know the final score until the paperwork is done. Usually not until the following day.
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