Broncos are good but...

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Re: Broncos are good but...
Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:32 am
  • Exittium wrote:Yup I'm going to say it and use it because well in a way it does matter:
    2012 (preseason - OMG I said it..) Sea VS Den - 30 -10 Before they lose maybe a few key players due to either agent's fax machine issues and whatever else i.e. trades Oh and thatw as at Mile High!
    2013 (Preason -Oh sh!t I said it again) Sea Vs Den 40 - 10 After they get their "golden boy" Welker After losing: McGahee and Dumervil

    And Yes being preseason games there wasn't much BUT as I recall both team let their 1st strings Play up until what? The middle of the 3rd Qtr?

    So I guess what I'm saying is ..

    We've beat them before .. we'll beat them again, and if it takes an "Easy schedule" for them to get to where they need to be to meet us so be it, They'll be in for a shock when they realize the opponent they're facing is some monster from hell ready to just devour everyone on that field that isn't wearing blue and green to Hoist that lombardi. After all I'll admit our schedule when we went to the SB in 06 wasn't necessarily the hardest.. so when we faced the Steelers (regardless of the sh!t calls) I think they were a bit taken by surprised of the level they'd have to play at

    Dude. Preseason. Manning was gone by the middle of the 2nd quarter this year.

    The Broncos barely beat the Rams in the 3rd game (you know, the "this is the most like a regular season game we'll see in the preseason" game). They lost to the Cards. In 2008, the Lions won all 4 preseason games, some of them by big margins. Went 0-16 in the regular season. You simply can't use preseason results as anything other than talent evaluation for roster spots... the final scores mean exactly jack.

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Re: Broncos are good but...
Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:02 pm
  • The thing I do agree with here is how for 2005 ALL we ever heard was how soft our schedule was and now Denver is being glorified and no one cares how soft their schedule is.

    That said, we were correct back then and it is correct now to not judge Denver by how easy their schedule is. They're having a historic start to their season per DVOA.

    I think we'll see which team is better come the Super Bowl. I hope both are undefeated going into it. I'm sure Peyton will look like this after the game:

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Re: Broncos are good but...
Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:08 pm


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