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  • You could be right, Spur. But, I just see too much talent, especially defensively. That defense gets them 7 wins, regardless of the ginger Kitna QB's their offense.
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  • Division Winners:
    AFC- Patriots, Broncos, Texans, Bengals
    NFC- Giants, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks
    AFC- Ravens, Colts
    NFC- Cowboys, Rams

    49ers have the injury bug bite them hard this year and finish at 8-8
    Cardinals improve to 6-10
    Peyton Manning- MVP
    Adrian Peterson- Offensive Player of Year
    Super Bowl- Broncos vs Falcons - Broncos win
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  • Cleveland wins the AFC North.
    The niners finish third in the division WITHOUT any more major injuries.
    Pete and John win coach and exec of the year...making up for last year.
    The Saints suck again.
    Alex Smith throws 17 touchdowns and 17 ints. KC finishes third in the AFC West.
    The Seahawks go 6-0 in division games.
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  • hawker84 wrote:
    Marvin49 wrote:
    hawker84 wrote:AP will lead the league again in rushing, spiller close behind in second

    Mark Sanches will continue to suck, replaced by Smith by week 6, he will get injured and leave it in the 3rd stringers hands

    Injuries will decimate the niners they'll have a miserable season

    Brady and NE's fall from grace start in 2013

    Peyton will take the bronco's all the way, only to lose to a more physical Seattle team

    RW will be league MVP

    manti teo will have a good rookie season, but will still never been seen in public with a "Girlfriend"


    Can't blame a guy for hoping.. Not serious injuries , little nagging ones, like hamstring pulls, and turf toe. nothing career threatening.

    Sounds good to me.
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