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  • Just wait until a few years from now you look back at this last draft. Tank Carradine, Lattimore, Eric Reid all could be absolute studs.
    Can you imagine Tank/Justin Smith next year? Gonna be nice. I also really like Corey Lemonier and think he can contribute in the rotation with Ahmad Brooks. I feel like the Niners are built to be deadly in 2-3 years. Just need to establish the corners of the future.
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  • The Lions will win the NFC North
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  • bestfightstory wrote:The Lions will win the NFC North

    Not a bad call. Interestting.
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  • Who's coaching the Lions now?
    There was this monkey, right?
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  • peachesenregalia wrote:Who's coaching the Lions now?

    Jim Schwartz

    I disagree with the Lions winning the division - their O-Line and Secondary will prevent them from winning the division
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  • Still Schwartz? Hmmmm.... not buying them then.
    There was this monkey, right?
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  • Marvin49 wrote:
    rideaducati wrote:The fraudy niners. Their ineptitude from the front office down will start to show. The media might even pick up on the fact that Baalke's first draft, which was great, was with someone else's draft board. In the two drafts since, two starters his first year and only one player saw the field from his second. Baalke also put a third rounder's name into an envelope prior to drafting him in the first round and niner fans were SOOOO excited because Baalke got the guy he wanted. How is that working out?

    Jeez. SMDH. I love that revisionist history.

    It cracks me up how Seattle fans give Baalke no credit for the 2010 if he flew in the night before the draft and just used Scots board. Baalke was Scots right hand man and was instrumental in BUILDING that board...particularly becaue Scot was too busy getting himself hammered all the time. Lets not forget he was removed from his position because he was a freakin alcaholic.

    Moreover, it was Baalke in the big chair making all of the decisions on draft day...and he did great.

    Only two starters from the 2011 draft? Wow. That really sucks. Wait....who are they? Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick. One was just selected by his peers as the 7th best player in the entire NFL and has more sacks through 2 seasons than any player in NFL history. The other was selected 81st by his peers after playing only 7 NFL regular season games and took the 49ers to the SB in his 10th start. Wow. What a crappy draft. Also taken that day were Kendall Hunter (#2 RB was averaging over 5 yards per carry before he got hurt), Chris Culliver (played well all year before falling back in the playoffs last year), and Bruce Miller, a Pro Bowl alternate FB. Oh wait...that would be THREE starters. BTW, Daniel Kilgore is challenging Goodwin and may start at Center this year. That would be FOUR starters.

    2012? Lost in the Seattle joy of a "blown draft" is the fact that the 49ers selected injured players (getting them lower in the draft than they could otherwise) and traded for picks in 2013 because they had very few holes and knew that they wouldn't all make the team. That's why at one point they had FIFTEEN picks this year. AJ Jenkins was a disappointment last year. No question...but the way people come to the conclusion that the entire draft was a wash based on that 1 pick is ridiculous. LaMichael James is a keeper. Joe Looney is healthy this year and will make the team. Sadly, Darius Fleming has torn his ACL twice now. Cam Johnson is challenging for playing time.

    2013? the Niners have started USING those picks they traded for in 2012. If THIS class flames out, then you have a case. Otherwise, you're full of it. I'm sure tho people will do so just because Tank Carradine and Marcus Lattimore weren't very productive as rookies. What bums. Its not like they were only available in the spots they were drafted do to injury. Wait...wha?

    Oh..and BTW...the Niners will either have a 1, 2 2's and 3 3's next year or a 1, a 2, and FOUR 3's depending on the Chiefs record.

    Yeah...Baalke man...totally clueless. LOL.

    Sorry all other Seahawk fans. I don't mean to keep taking it off topic...but the stuff I read sometimes is just ludicrous.

    ON TOPIC: I'm gonna add a bit of a surprise one.....

    Denver. I think Peyton is gonna get hurt.

    It's not my problem that you don't like the facts. If you go back and look at McLoughan's drafts, they were pretty good. Baalke on his own? Not so much.

    Drafting rookies coming in with injuries that will hold them out for their entire rookie season just means that they'll play like rookies when they finally do play. With ALL those draft picks, maybe Baalke can pick up even more injured guys that won't see the field for a year which would basically put him a draft behind EVERY year. Or, he could dupe niner fans into thinking he is great because he has more picks to finally hit know, blind squirrel finding a nut.

    From what I have seen, he has gleaned notoriety for a draft that may or may not have been with his own draft board but when it is KNOWN to be his own he hasn't done much.
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  • The lions are a difficult team to peg. The D-line is so good that it is stunning how bad the linebackers and secondary can be. The pass game can be devastating or a yards only machine. That team is so ready to quit on the run game that they get one dimensional far too easily, and throwing Bush at the problem will not fix it.

    One thing, even if they win a dozen and make the playoffs, they will not go far. Too one dimensional.
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