Link: 2013 NFL Rankings (for crimes / PEDs)

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  • Son of a beotch, Seattle isn't #1, and the whiners are ahead of the Hawks! Bastards!

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  • Didn't dip shit piss in a alley this year that would change the points.
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  • cockeyhawk wrote:Didn't dip shit piss in a alley this year that would change the points.

    Yeah, maybe it slipped through the cracks. Not reported by NFL or wherever this person is sourcing their data?
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  • from the article:

    "The points start accumulating beginning in the 2013 offseason (just after the Superbowl) and will finish at the 2014 Superbowl"

    Moffits incident happened in June 2012 and it is probably included on the 2012 list.
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