Purchasing a Niner brick. As seen on Reddit

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  • That would be funny
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  • I'm sure they're not letting just anything be printed but I wonder if they'd let something slide like

    I got 50-1 odds on this being the first brick to
    "mysteriously" find itself destroyed or removed.
    Don't let me down now Niners fans!!
    GO HAWKS!!
    "When you're running at me like that and I'm running at you...It's gonna be a nasty scene" BAMBAM!!
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  • going to buy one and on it will be

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  • Make a nice water saver in an old toilet tank.
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  • AVL wrote:Make a nice water saver in an old toilet tank.

    I think these are for the new stadium :D

    Maybe you could put past Seahawks names on it? Or put a Seahawk name above a 49er name if there are more than one line :D

    Steve Largent
    Jerry Rice :P
    "God Bless the Seattle Seahawks" Cortez Kennedy
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  • Need a Papaki loves Sammy brick!

    May the spirit of our friend The Radish live on forever!

    I SO do not care about your fantasy team and who's on it!
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  • I got a notice about this on my facebook......from the Rams' facebook page. They suggested buying a brick and putting Rams positive writing on it.

    Funny, but not putting my money there.
    When you get to Helllll, John. Tel em Daisy sentcha.
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