Wow - Check this request from a dead Browns fan

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  • That's awesome! Scott Entsminger is one funny mutha trucka! ...may he rest in peace.
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  • I hope they honor his request
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  • I have seen a picture of a guy's tomb that states something along the following lines:

    On his last day he shifted allegiance to (insert worst soccer rival team name here) as he knew that one more or less of their supporters didn't matter

    True story - some people take it a bit far.......
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  • ...and still a better fan than most SF fans. Hahah
    Watching Beast Mode run the ball.
    Catching a Bo Jackson baseball. Kingdome, centerfield, over the cannon.
    Jim Presley with a full count, 2 out, down by 3, bottom of the 9th Grand Slam.

    My favorite all time sports memory
    "The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!"
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  • Cool, he deserves it being a loyal Browns fan all those years..
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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