I think we can get Murray from the Eagles

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  • seriously
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  • Hmmmmm, wonder what the Chipster would want. I'd go a 3rd for sure and maybe a 2nd.

    Only problem is that the trade deadline has come and gone.

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  • Moving this to the appropriate forum.

    And no, we can't. The trade deadline has passed.
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  • except it's way past the trade deadline.
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  • That dang trading deadline, what a bunch of party poopers NFL. Come on Man!
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  • SacHawk2.0 wrote:Moving this to the appropriate forum.

    And no, we can't. The trade deadline has passed.

    Hey, uh sac, I think you moved it to the wrong place. Mods these days... Sheesh.
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  • Drunk.
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  • lmao
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  • Couldn't find anyone on their roster named "Murrey".
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  • Kids these days...
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  • Plus we don't have the cap space.

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  • Sports Hernia wrote:Plus we don't have the cap space.

    And why would we want to pay it even if we could?
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Re: I think we can get Murrey from Eagles
Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:34 am
  • Sports Hernia wrote:Plus we don't have the cap space.

    But in this scenario there is no trade deadline. Why would there be a salary cap?

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  • Yeah it's entirely possible assuming Goodell grants the Seahawks a waiver on the trade deadline and salary cap since he makes 8M a year. Good call!
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