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  • NinerLifer wrote:
    TeamoftheCentury wrote:
    NinerLifer wrote:According to most of you guys on here, you have the most talented roster than you guys have had in like ever. Does that mean that if Pete doesn't coach your team into the SB that you will be calling for his head the next off-season? You guys claim that Harbs inherited a great team that just needed a good coach to take it somewhere, which might very well be true as I am not arguing that. But after all this re-building that you give PC credit for, if he doesn't take you guys to the SB this year...what does it matter?

    No matter what a coach does during the off-season or even during the duration of a season, none of it matters unless you have something to show for all of it in the end of that season. Of course there are different opinions on what is good enough to be qualified as "something", but I think we can all agree that achieving more than the rest of your conference is deffinately "something" that every team shoots for.

    Anything less than that is just a Brownie Button in comparison.

    Let's see... how many logical fallacies are in this post. We've got the red-herring/poisoning the well bit. We've got sweeping generalization. "A quarrel can end a good argument" and you're quarreling, not arguing.

    Newsflash... there are some pretty good teams in the NFL and I don't think you'll find too many Seahawks fans saying we've got it in the bag. I think we all pretty much acknowledge there are several capable teams and many improving teams. There are many factors that would make it all the sweeter to win the Super Bowl this year (strength of schedule, tough division, tough road schedule, etc.) Of course the games have to be played and perhaps no one will give consideration to various factors and extra-challenges some teams face in addition to playing the games.

    Looking ahead, Seahawks fans have good reason to be excited when our favorite team is being mentioned as having as good a shot as any team this year (and any year, for that matter.) So, that matters. It matters to be in a position to have a shot. What you don't like is that the Hawks are being said to perhaps have the best shot... even over the 49ers. That's the issue here. It matters that the team is being built the right way (and not just by PC. Much credit goes to JS. Ownership... the entire organization.) It matters that Russell Wilson is a special player.

    When a team has high hopes... of course it would be disappointing to not achieve the ultimate goal. I'm sure you don't need someone to tell you that. Your act is a bit disenchanting, especially on a Seahawks fan board. If the team was looking destined for the cellar, of course all our "talk" would sound like homerism. But, that's not the case now, is it. So, it's you, buddy. You're projecting on us. You're pouting like a 3rd grader who didn't get his way. But, again... you're here along with other Niner fans to purely talk football and improve the interaction of this forum.

    (Per Roland's charge... I've attempted to use the "enter" button on occasion.)

    Thanks for agreeing with my intentions of being here to talk football and improve the interaction of this forum.

    Don't understand the 3rd grader remark. Maybe too much effort on your part to find/create negativity from a Niner fans post.

    Try to stay on topic bud. :thirishdrinkers:

    Just what any decent Seahawks fan wants from a Niners fan on our boards. A veiled insult disguised cleverly to also ring of narcissistic authoritarian directiveness. :th2thumbs:

    Ninerlifer... check out the gist of your post. It's not "on topic" with the OP. I generally wish to refrain from making unnecessary remarks, but only do so when I feel it's appropriate to put a mirror in front of someone. Logical fallacies are quite convenient and you seem to use them often.

    (And, too, just to be clear) Ah, no. I do not agree with you about your presence in the forum - that you're simply here to talk football, etc. That would be fine if it seemed to be the case. While other fans' contributions to the forum could bring about good interaction, it's not necessary for "improvement" - nor is the forum in desperate need of improvement.
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