Apparently the media treats Michael Vick like a dog

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  • Throwdown wrote:Bridgewater >> all dem der QB's

    I second that. I LOL'd the entire game as he shredded Florida in the Dome. :lol:

    pehawk wrote:I have a boner, right now, as I type this.

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  • pehawk wrote:I think there's ALOT of prejudice in this thread. Not a racially motivated, but personal feelings motivated.

    I won't disagree with that at all. I couldn't care what color he is, I just think he's a prick and I can't stand him. The league will be better when he's no longer employed by it.

    An entitled prick.
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  • He's just a lousy QB with a bad attitude.

    Always has been.
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  • Rambitious wrote:He's just a lousy QB with a bad attitude.

    Always has been.

    Stop it, you'd take him in a second over Bradford and both you and your mama know it! ;)
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