Just read Fitz' reply to a fan on twitter.

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  • Fitz seems like a good guy. I really wanted the Cards to win that Super Bowl a few years back, for his sake as well as not wanting the Stealers to get another ring.
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  • I still can't believe we didn't trade Flynn to the Cardinals straight across for Fitzgerald.
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  • He's just buttering the Seahawks up. He'll be a free agent again some day. He knows where he wants to go when that day comes.
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  • What BS is he shoveling? Who ever prefers not being able to hear yourself think! That man is angling to come to Seattle when he hits FA bet on it.
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  • We only have to wait till 2019 for him to be a FA.
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  • I suspect what he is trying to state is Seattle has his favorite home crowd. If anyone has gone to game in Glendale it's easy to see why , that stadium is silent compared to Seattle
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  • He is a professional and understands that fans pay his salary. Nowhere is the fan "love" as much on display as in Seattle. That is why he loves it
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  • Having a "that guy's girlfriend is way more into me than him" style fantasy is great and all but I think he's just saying he likes the energy here because he likes the energy here...
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  • Awesome ammunition to use against people that think their stadium is loud, who are not Seahawks fans. :devil:

    Thank you, Fitz.
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