Am I alone in thinking Barkley went to best team possible?

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  • for him? Solid playmakers around him. Chance to take the starting job. Decent enough defense. Damn for going 4th round he really got lucky. While I hate the Eagles I can't help but want Barkley to play well and prove the doubters wrong.
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  • I agree, I hope he can break the USC streak of producing under achieving NFL caliber quarterbacks.
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  • Chip puts his players in the best position for them to succeed. Will definatly be interesting to see how this develops.
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  • It is a good landing spot for him, since I cannot see the Eagles re-signing Vick after his 1 yr deal is up. So it will come down to Noles or Barkley next season or even this one.
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  • I think Barkley is lucky to be with a coach who will empower him.
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  • Yea, that's a win for him. Up to him to make it work now.
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  • I still think he can be a franchise qb. His draft stock fell so any team that grabbed him where he was would still be getting great value for him. He's entering a team in transition that doesn't necessarily need him to play this year, but isn't stuck behind a QB that is going to play forever. If hes as good as he was projected as a Junior, he's in a great position to learn the NFL game and be ready when the time comes. If not, the Eagles only lost a 4th rd pick.

    Vikings may have been a good falling spot as well. Only have ponder under contract for 2 more years, but enough of a team to build around with few good years of drafting. Maybe Jacksonville as well.

    Bills took their QB earlier, as did the Jets.
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  • For a rookie, going to a patient team where the coaching staff should be intact for the next few years and the OC is guaranteed to not change is ideal. Geno Smith went to a bad situation, he could have a new staff next year. The Raiders are no bueno. Buffalo, same deal, the GM is on the hot seat. Philly was the best possible environment.

    I think Barkley will be the QB by sometime this year.
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  • Nick Foles and Varkley can play the qb position in the same system with the same personnel. Unless Vick transplants in a brain and adds hardworking he cannot

    Interesting that Chip said they had Barkley as a top 50player. Clearly not a need or they would have taken him in the third round.
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  • I would have said Vikings or possibly the Cheifs as well. We will see if Smith reverts to Pick um Smith form this season.

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  • I am still not sold on him. Pocket awareness , so-so arm. He reminds me a lot of Sanchez.
    I do think it is a good fit. His top end I think could be a Hass like QB.
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