ESPN's 30-30 From Elway to Marino

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ESPN's 30-30 From Elway to Marino
Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:30 am
  • Watch it last nighted. Fantastic production. Not sure when it will be re-broadcast but you guys should try to find out when... especially for those of you who are old farts like me and remember the 1983 draft and what happened to both John Elway and Dan Marino and the 1st round of the 1983 draft.

    Turns out they both had the same agent who took copious notes in a diary of the events leading up to the draft and afterwards until Elway was ultimately traded from the Baltimore Colts, who selected him #1 overall, to the Denver Broncos for a song, relatively speaking.

    In '83, I was 34 y/o and an almost 25-year fan of the NFL so I remember is fairly well... just not with the benefit of the details that come out in this wonderful 1.5 hour production.

    You may be interested to know that Bill Walsh considered trading Joe Montana for Elway and Al Davis also considered trading Howie Long for him. Seattle even toyed with the idea but drafted Curt Warner instead. And the Steelers passed on Dan Marino at pick #21 and Terry Bradshaw sustained a career-ending injury the next year. The Steelers took DT Gabriel Rivera, who played only four games before crashing his car while drunk and ending up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Marino was finally drafted by the Dolphins at #27.

    The show covers the entire 1st round of the '83 draft... likely THE most pivotal draft of the last 50 years of the NFL.

    (other than last year when we selected Russell Wilson in the 3rd round) :th2thumbs:
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Re: ESPN's 30-30 From Elway to Marino
Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:18 am
  • Caught part of it and it was really good.

    I didn't remember who the Colts got for Elway until the show. Hinton turned out to be a solid player.

    I wonder how Danny White feels about Landry after the show said "Landry wasn't happy with him and was willing to send him and some picks to the Colts".
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