Seattle being sabatoged from within

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Re: Seattle being sabatoged from within
Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:35 am
  • Cartire wrote:
    RockHawk wrote:I have no idea how the title of this topic relates to the OP. I'm about *THIS* close to either moving it to the NFL forum, or editing the title.

    The fact that our most hated teams our also some of our closest friends. The title is a sarcastic pun, but if you want me to change it I can. I thought the data was seahawks relevant enough.

    twisted_steel2 wrote:So we've had topic police, definition police and now spelling police in one thread (a cool thread in my opinion too).

    Nice. :roll:

    Coming back to the topic...which was what??? I actually don't understand how it relates to the OP and I fail to see the sarcasm in it. How are we being "sabotaged from within"? Are our tickets being bought up by other team's fans and thus infiltrating our stadium to root for the other team?

    It can be said that EVERY fan has friends that root for other teams. And in no case are there NFCW teams in the top 5 of those friends of fans of any one NFCW team.

    I'll turn off my red and blue lights and leave without writing a ticket now. (I think we need a "police" emoticon... :D)
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Re: Seattle being sabatoged from within
Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:51 pm
  • BlueTalons wrote:How are we being "sabotaged from within"?

    Maybe the OP author was having flashbacks of when Flores was still on Al Davis' payroll in 92-94.
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