Alan Branch is hitting on Zeb (Tjack Talk)

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  • T-Jack was a dead-even QB in almost every category except which side of the field he favored.
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  • I am convinced that Tarvaris slept with a couple of our posters wives or daughters with the way some of them simply can not help themselves but tear him down anytime his name appears in our forum. I still have each of those guys on my foe list for that alone.
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  • Branch said he was a tough guy with a cannon for an arm. What about that has RnH so pissy? We are all well aware of the torch he carried for Mattie H, maybe every one of his posts about TJ should be prefaced with that. Also, TJ was the best QB in Buffalo last year, they could have used his toughness.

    TJ has a certain magical ability to make a bad team .500, and to make a good team .500 too. He had trouble making fast enough reads, and the game was too fast, but he wasn't awful either. But most of all, in a really bad situation, brought in to be a tackling dummy behind a LG that would be retired a year later, a new center, two rookies, and then add to that the fact that the O-line was a MASH unit, TJ did damn good. And did it without bitching. He provided leadership in the face of adversity. We laud Wilson's intangibles, well, TJ had intangibles too.

    I am glad his fanboys are gone, though.
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  • Scottemojo wrote:I am glad his fanboys are gone, though.

    Woah, woah, woah. Bite your tongue, sir. I actually just washed my Tarvaris Jackson Authentic and I'm pretty sure that Zeb is like a North Korean with 7 plaques and shrines around his house dedicated to his brave hero. Polishing them every few minutes.

    Seriously though, I've got respect for the dude. My buddy is a Bills fan and I saw him yesterday and he was telling me how most Bills fans prefer Kolb to Jackson at this point. Jackson's just got a lousy reputation around the league but he's really not THAT bad. Like you said Scott (e), he's not that good either. But he's a perfectly fine "bridge the gap" type QB until the Bills (if they ever do) find their franchise QB. Kolb is making more money, and the Bills aren't as cutting edge/ballsy as Seattle and he might get the job because of that. If he gets injured again though, Jackson might be able to do a half-decent job with CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, and Stevie Johnson.

    I'm pulling for him.
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