Cutler to run read-option

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Re: Cutler to run read-option
Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:30 pm
  • RolandDeschain wrote:
    NinerLifer wrote:It seems that some teams don't understand that it takes a QB with a specific skill set to run the read option. Cutler isn't going to make it past week 3 if they start to employ the option.

    Come on, remember that the NFL is a business that is in the business of providing entertainment. I'm going to pull a Russell Crowe from Gladiator here, and ask "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

    I'd love to see Cutler with the read option.

    LOL...I'd love to see him in the option don't get me wrong as I would LMFAO.

    And while we are at it, somebody tweet billacheat and convince him to run the option with Brady. If he would actually start running out of the pocket instead of planting roots, I imagine a few rules will be created to protect our QB's while running too! ;)

    The trash talking that I do occasionally this week is strictly for gamesmanship between opposing fanbases as a result of our upcoming matchup this week on SNF. It by no means should be taken personally.
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