Jake Long signs with the Rams

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Re: Jake Long signs with the Rams
Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:06 am
  • Blitzer88 wrote:
    kearly wrote:Boy, passing on Matt Ryan for Jake Long and Chad Henne looks smarter by the minute, doesn't it?

    I've defended Jeff Ireland a few times, but I think he was indefensibly idiotic during the past week. He pays Mike Wallace $65 million, and hands out $61 million in cash to a couple linebackers, but can't find $36 million for Jake Long? Excuse me?

    No chance Jeff Ireland still has a GM job in 365 days.

    A friend of mine is a huge Phins fan and he is just fed up with Ireland these days. He likes the moves they have made, but really thinks they could have done more to keep Long as well as spend their money more wisely rather than on a position that wasn't much of need for them, LBer.

    Not that it means a darn thing, but I find it interesting that 60% of fans rated the Dolphins offseason the best in the NFL (nfl network poll). They are also in arguably the best position in this deep draft to add impact players.

    Now I don't follow the dolphins admittedly, but I just found it interesting the gap between those in the know and those who aren't. Just glad we have JS
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