Kolb gone from Arizona

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Re: Kolb gone from Arizona
Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:14 pm
  • BlueTalon wrote:
    Rotoki521 wrote:I disagree, the coach should have definitely been fired and here is why. One of his major failures was addressing his offensive line. He had one of the better OL Coaches out there and did not make his OL the priority. Then to compound the issue, he makes a significant move to get a QB and even though he knew that the O-Line was in shambles. Next, because his QB, that he traded for could not run for his life and make the plays that he wanted... He benches him then starts this QB carousel. Then eventually.... his choice starter gets hurt against us. Then all hopes sit on Kolb.. He makes the plays he needs to make and finally is starting to make the expected QB throws that he (Coach Whisenhunt) wanted... Then his QB gets hurt because the O-Line was an utter failure. Kind of hard not to let a coach go when all of those issues takes place.

    While I agree with you mostly, I believe it is a stretch to call Grimm "one of the better OL coaches out there." He may be a HOF lineman, but that doesn't necessarily translate to being a good coach.

    I'm not so sure, but that's something we will never know. The reason why I come to that conclusion is because, he seriously did a great job with the talent that the HC and GM gave him. I think you have to take that into consideration before suggesting he isn't a good coach. Though, I might be giving him a little more praise than most. But trying to look at this objectively, I believe it falls directly on Whisenhunt. I actually wanted Grimm to be our O-line coach. The only other time I wanted an O-Line coach that badly was when Cable came around and man that was a happy day for me.
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