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Darrelle Revis to Bucs.. pending "details ironing out"

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  • If this is really the case, if they can get Dashon Goldson too, that secondary should be much improved.

    Ronde Barber comes back another season also.

    That division will still be tough for them though, Falcons, Saints and Panthers. Looks like they are arming up to take on those QB's finally.
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  • That's very good for them. I was worried he would go to the niners.
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  • Adding Revis is great for them, they have the space and some okay young talent still; McCoy on the DLine + Revis sounds like a good couple of core defensive players.

    Going to be a wild year matching up against our division(Specifically the Rams), the NFC South, plus the Giants and that is before getting into the AFC South teams like the Colts.
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  • Is it just me or is the AFC quickly becoming the minor league of the NFL and NFC?
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  • Maybe Idzik is doing the Hawks a favor and making sure Revis doesn't end up in SF. Hopefully Goldson follows Revis there!
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  • The first superbowl i saw was when the bucs won, and ive been a secret bucs fan ever since. with a beefed up secondary they should be able to turn up the heat on the falcons/saints
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  • We play that division this year. I expect some solid battles between NFC South and West.
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  • Fortunately for us, if Revis does go to Tampa, he can only cover 1 of our 4 receiving threats. (Assuming Miller is healthy.)
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