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Desmond Bryant's epic mugshot has caught on as internet meme

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    Late last month, Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested and charged with criminal mischief. While inebriated, he apparently made his way to a neighbor's house and caused a commotion. In the grand scheme of things, hardly noteworthy.

    And then we saw Bryant's mugshot.

    So, that happened. Which directly led to this: #Dezzing. That's right. It's Tebowing's shady older brother. And, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, everybody is doing it.

    #Dezzing isn't restricted to Kimmel fans, either; famous chefs, Hollywood celebrities and sports-media folk are even getting in on it.


    Top: Gordon Ramsay (left) and Stanley Tucci; Bottom: Erik Kuselias, Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

    I thought it was pretty cool that English took a break from his cooking show and draft blog to give a good dezzing.
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  • This will be the basis of an awesome training camp prank somewhere.
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  • I sure hope Dez gets a lot of crap for this in Seahawks training camp. Reminds me of a bottom fish that's been brought up too fast.
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  • please no stop
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  • Look at the photo and say "what uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup" and I think we know what he was saying as they took it.
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  • Image


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  • I think this fits here too...

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