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Interesting Question... Revis vs. draft picks for SF? Poll

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Revis or Draft

Poll ended at Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:05 pm

Revis to SF for Draft Picks
Let SF try their luck in the Draft, hope they pick up some Aaron Curry's
Total votes : 42

  • Here is an interesting question to stir the pot. We all know that SF got some solid draft picks for the Alex Smith trade, plus the draft picks they had already = A large draft for SF....

    Would you rather want SF to.......

    Give up a lot of those picks for Revis?


    Keep all those draft picks and not have Revis on the team.

    Revis is a major player, someone I DO NOT want SF to have on their team. On the other hand, they have some great draft options in front of them that could also be bad for us Seahawks fans. Seems like a loose loose, but which would you rather see? Trade the house for Revis? Or hope that they make some poor draft choices?
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  • I hope SF trades a lot for him and he doesn't fully recover all his speed and agility.
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  • Honestly, i voted for Revis to SF just because 49ers supposedly by the Networks had a good secondary, but we all know that there secondary was weak against Wilson, reason why they lost the superbowl, Flacco shredded them just like Wilson did at C-Link. I wouldn't mind Revis in the division, like people had said, Revis and Sherm will be at constant battle to be the best CB in the league, also while testing if 49ers can successfully pick good players, even in a depth draft, because if we all know Harbaugh can't, 49ers will be doom in the future if they can't get a decent draft this year. Because in the future, Revis will be demanding large money, and the same for Aldon, etc. So 49ers won't have cap room, and if they can't draft. Harbaugh fate will be like Singletary, picked really good draft players still. However, it'll probably GM who get fired, not Harbaugh though... suck for that. But the cap room situation will be there downfall.
    So first option. Wow, i wrote to much.
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  • Since we transitioned from the Seahawks getting Revis to the 9ers and their costs, you may just want to read one of their guy's impression on the option.

    You should spend money on the positions with the strongest correlation to long-term success, and I’m not sure that’s CB–especially not at Revis’ price-point.

    The 49ers have already sunk big money into Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Carlos Rogers. They decided not to sink big money into Dashon Goldson…

    It’s about allocation. The 49ers have the picks to tempt the Jets, but the 49ers aren’t in the business of tossing away multiple premium picks and/or young players for a player who they probably wouldn’t sign long-term, even if he is a big-name CB and the world loves big-name CBs.

    Question: Why do fans fixate on big-name CBs so much more than LBs, DEs, OTs or even QBs in the off-season?

    My guess: High-profile CBs hit the market more than franchise QBs, often have cool names (Nnamdi! Darrelle! Champ!), they get on “SportsCenter” a lot, what they do is out in the open, so it’s easy to judge, and Deion Sanders once long ago was a Super Bowl difference-maker.

    If this gets any more 9ers centric, you may just want to post the topic on a 9ers board.
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  • Bevis had a torn ACL, give up the farm SF please. He aint A.P. and we are going to beat you twice next year with or without mr> ME.
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  • Really hope Revis is a 9er next year.
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  • SuperHawks wrote:Really hope Revis is a 9er next year.

    I can't wait for Mr. Wilson to expose his "island" as being inhabitable.
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  • Depends completely on the asking price. I voted #1, because I think that even if the price were reasonable, Seattle would jump in to at least raise the price up. I also think SF is very poorly suited to handle a Revis contract. Seattle can absorb the hit without a ton of pain because they are in such great shape, but SF had something like $3 million in cap space before the Smith trade.
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  • Someones OBSESSED with this Revis garbage.
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  • We may hate them, but they're not stupid and neither is Pete and his crew. I don't know where Revis will end up, but I'm pretty sure it won't be on the Hawks or the Niners.

    Niners have a load of picks and this draft is big on defense. They'll draft some db's. We can just hope they whiff.
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  • Throwdown wrote:Someones OBSESSED with this Revis garbage.

    What else is there to talk about? Draft prospects that we won't even pick up?
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