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Re: Johnny Knox
Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:02 pm
  • mikeak wrote:
    SeahawksFanForever wrote:I would rather spend big money on the D-line in the free agency. We are already paying Zach and Sidney big contracts. I would focus on WR n TE position in the draft because it should be cheaper. There should be a few options available in top 3 rounds.

    How does it matter on which position we spend the money if the total cap hit is the same or less one way?

    You go after those in FA that you think you can't get in the draft / you can get in the draft but at a better value in FA or those that while available in the draft you don't plan on using your picks on.

    If there are good WRs in FA and lots of them so you think you can get them cheap and there are good pass rushers in the draft then that is how you do it. Doesn't matter what we are spending on Rice and Zach

    Because this is not a pass first team and WRs usually get overpaid in the FA. Good D-linemen rarely become free agents and if there is someone available then I would rather sign that guy. We like to play solid D and run the ball. Our D-line needs more help than our WRs group. Alan Branch is going to be a FA. We were not good against the run and pass both.

    I believe that we are better off adding competition at WR position via draft. Just my opinion
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