Obama says its time to reduce violence in football.

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  • Wow, you guys..... what a sad thread.
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  • Who cares what that communist says.
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  • if i had a son, i'd have to seriously consider whether to allow him to go into politics or not... football i'd be just fine with.
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  • Hawker84 wins the thread.
    Rams bet status: honored. Bradford still sucks.
    RedAlice is right.
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  • I read a lot more BS on this forum than what Obama said.
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  • Largent80 wrote:I read a lot more BS on this forum than what Obama said.

    I would hope that the President of the United States would spew less BS than the people on this forum, but then again, I'm not so sure...
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  • Obama should stick to politics and stay out of sports.

    “There’s no reason, with Mr. Allen and the fan base here and the stadium, that this can’t be a stable, long-term winning organization.” - John Schneider
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