Rumor: Hawks 'highly interested' in acquiring Darrelle Revis

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  • TeamoftheCentury wrote:Unless they're in cahoots on a major punk on the media and giving us fans some off season entertainment... Revis now has about as good a chance as Lloyd Christmas at becoming a Seahawk.

    Actually, Lloyd Christmas has 0% chance. Revis has 0.01836% chance. I calculated it.
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  • Your secondary is already pretty amazing. As a Niner fan I would hate it if you guys picked up Revis knowing that we would have to face you guys with Sherman and Revis on the field twice each season.

    What is the likelihood that you guys would trade away Browner if the Revis situation materializes for your team?
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  • NinerLifer wrote:What is the likelihood that you guys would trade away Browner if the Revis situation materializes for your team?

    I'd have to imagine fairly high, but not until after this season. Regardless, we are not going after Revis. You simply do not pay someone else 10x more when they bring only a small upgrade over what you have. Don't get me wrong, Revis is definitely a more skilled CB than Browner, but not by a lot. Browner's mad trash-talking gets receivers hitting him and being distracted by him. Did you know Browner actually threatened Sherman on the field during our season opener at Arizona? He told Sherman to stop being soft on Fitzgerald because he was an idol of Sherman's and threatened to beat his ass (not an exact quote, but that was the gist of it) after the game if he didn't start covering him like he should have. Rofl.
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  • The Eagles already tried spending a TON of money on their corners. The issue in a salary cap league is you have to spend less somewhere else. You don't pay Revis so that you CAN'T pay Sherman in one year. Won't happen plus you are setting a bar for Sherman in a year that is higer than what Revis is getting.

    Sherman might resign here for $15 million even if Revis makes $16 million somewhere else (numbers out of thin air). But if we get Revis and he signs here for $16 million / year then you bet every penny you have that Sherman will want AT LEAST $16 million and one penny........
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  • I don't see Revis playing here or SF. I like Browner out there anyways. There are folks who think he isn't a great cover guy, but he holds his own well when he doesn't flat take his guy out of the play.

    I see Revis as an improvement for SF for sure, but I think the SF secondary is better than they looked at the end because if the DLine play dropping off without JSmith being 100%. The Hawks just blasted that line for the most part without him and Rodgers/Brown/Culliver were being asked to cover too long. Those guys are much better with a good pass rush and I would think Baalke and Hardouche want to invest their money there if they can.

    Wonder what that Smith trade will warrant... Possible they use that chip to address their DLine OR secondary.
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  • Get Revis...sign Randy Starks...Trade Browner and Flynn for some picks or a WR...sounds good to me. Even though I love Browners pysicality!!
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