Steve Kelley: Teo/Broussard

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Steve Kelley: Teo/Broussard
Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:17 pm
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    Kelley has a knack for giving hard sobering sports news to a desperate sports city. Over my years of browsing the Times sports section more often then not I'm left with a high after a Brewer story, and shaking my head after a Kelley piece. I have said many nasty things about Kelley most of which are entirely untrue, but I've never called him stupid - and I don't think he is.

    With all that said - I'm really disappointed in his take on the Teo story. Calling a spade a spade is something I don't think Kelley would miss his own birth for. If ever there were a time for sports journalists to stop and appraise their own work - one might say now is a pretty good time.

    SI and the local ND rag ran with the story. Should SI be held to a higher standard than a student publication? Maybe. The way Deadspin broke this story down - really leads me to believe that if our media was more intent on writing an accurate story, than a gee-golly shucks one - this wouldn't have made it past the ND press room.

    Now I don't read Kelley every day, just picked up this piece on break at work so maybe he already nailed his fellow sports journalists for this one. But his piece really just gives the School a bad rap for the sensationalism and doesn't mention anywhere else that maybe... in one writer's office or another - a little bit of due diligence and old fashioned fact checking would have gone a long way in this one.

    Instead we get Kelley's fake outrage and backhanded apology to an old player that he felt snubbed by back in the late 80's and he maybe he owes the guy an apology. Nothing however about sports writers generally being romance novelists for man children. I say that knowing full well that I am the one intended to read the articles about Teo and other sports heroes, othwerwise I wouldn't be scouring this place every March looking for a snippet here or a tweet there when more or less nothing is going on. If only I got paid for it while good ol' Kelley gets to laugh another day.
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