Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Michael Johnson

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  • Wenhawk wrote:Jared Cook, Jermichael Finley, or Fred Davis could be an affordable upgrade over McCoy and provide Wilson a good weapon.

    I would love Davis. Still wish we would have grabbed him instead of Carlson. The other two are overrated big time.
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  • There is a reason you build through the Draft, because it's sustainable. Ask the Patriots. Do I think the Patriots are great drafters, no, but they compensate for it with the best offensive mind pairing in the league (Brady/Check, though there is an argument for Brees/Payton).

    Anyways, luckily people will pipe in with the complicated world of CAP space, and I'm convinced to keep it as much as possible. I forget the thread but it was compelling, keep the money for all the free agent signings in 2014.
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  • There just aren't any big name free agents (or potential FA's) that really wow me this year. I just don't see the bang for the buck. We've got plenty of cap room but hopefully we'll be able to use some of it to lock up some of our own players long term rather than throwing down a huge chunk of money for one of this year's free agents.
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