Who do you think wins the NFC Championship?

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  • It's very tough for a rival to root for a division opponent and I was rooting for you guys. Yeah I wanted a home game for the NFC championship but I'm a fan of Wilson. I didn't give him a whole lot of credit until that second half in Atlanta. You have found a great one!!

    Obviously alot of Atlanta fans are quite cocky right now because they beat the hottest team in the NFL and believe the 49ers will be not as much of a challenge as the Seahawks.

    I personally think they are in for a rude awakening.

    Atlanta failed to realize that you guys had to travel cross country twice and had to play in a 10AM slot. Your missing your best player Clemons and Lynch was banged up going into the game. All three of those aspects diminished your chances and even with those handicaps you still should have won the game.

    I would like an outsiders point of view and try to just look at the teams and ignore the division rivalry in making your points who do you see coming out on top next week in the NFC Chamionship?
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  • Before that game against GreenBay, I'd tell you the 9ers were done, but now I'd honestly say it's a toss up. Kaepernick had the game of his life last week. It's hard to think he can repeat that or that the 49ers won't resort back to their 3 game pattern, especially on the road.

    49ers will want to work on controlling the clock, keeping the ball away from Atlanta. If they fall behind, like they did in Seattle, I don't think Kaep has the stones to bring em back. jmo.
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  • WWLWWLWW THE STREAK CONTINUES the whiners will LOSE book it.
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  • Niners easily, Seattle really just blew it and I think the Niners running game is going to tune up the Falcons. Falcons only shot is to force a few turnovers early and score a couple of TD's to lead the game. Knowing how the Niners play, they will slow the game down and pound away on the ground and take away the deep ball, Matt Ryan is going to turn the ball over a few times I think since they are not a patient offense and try to aggressively throw down field. (As evidenced by the Earl Thomas pick when they were ahead and had over 5 ypc running the ball)
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  • 9ers are going to beat the spread, imo. They have a very good chance at the Lombardi this year
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  • I think the Niners win too. The Falcons had the luxury of seeing our worst half of football all season.
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  • The Seahawks beat the 49ers by 29 at home.
    The Falcons beat the Seahawks by 2 at home.

    Therefore, the Falcons should beat the 49ers by 31 at home.
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  • It pains me to say it, but Seattle and SF are so similar, and Atlanta just squeaked by us even with the slow start. I don't see SF losing this.
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  • My heart says Atlanta wins, but my $$$ says the digits.
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  • Which one is the real Kaepernick? The one who looked so scared, lost and alone that night in Seattle? Or the one that Green Bay seemed to have no plan at all to handle in San Francisco? National sports media certainly seems to think it's the latter. But is it?
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  • San Fran wins by 10 points
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  • Atlanta will be LOUD. Kaepernick can't handle the pressure. Falcons win, barely.
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  • RiggoReincarnated wrote:The Seahawks beat the 49ers by 29 at home.
    The Falcons beat the Seahawks by 2 at home.

    Therefore, the Falcons should beat the 49ers by 31 at home.

    great logic
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  • I want the Falcons to win.. I don't root for teams in our division in the playoffs.

    But, being realistic, the 49ers have a great team and wouldn't be surprised at all if they won.
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  • Have 1k riding on the game with an employee

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  • SeahawkFrost wrote:WWLWWLWW THE STREAK CONTINUES the whiners will LOSE book it.

    The wins and loses can't stay that way forever. Your avatar is the best I've ever seen. Love it!!! :229031_cheers:
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  • Please, just not Atlanta... :pukeface:
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  • Being at last Sundays game. I want Atlanta I can't stand the 49ers and I think Atlanta has the better team. Can you image the story line for the Super Bowl Tony Gonzalez vs Ray Lewis who is going to leave the game of football on top lol
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  • if Kaepernick shows up the niners,

    if he get's rattled and the crowd gets to him atlanta..

    heart wants Atlanta

    brain says niners....
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  • Probably San Francisco. I think that getting the #2 seed and a bye saved their season: if they had had to play on Wild Card weekend without Justin Smith they probably would have been one and done, but after a week to rest and last week's thrashing of the Packers I don't see Atlanta stopping them.

    Hoping to be proven wrong here!
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  • I have to hand it to the Atlanta coaching staff. They made all the pundits look pretty Silly. They pretty much went against everything everyone was saying.

    They Ran the heck out of the Ball, went after Sherman (to no great affect in my opinion, but still), move Roddy and Julio out of slot/z positions, I mean dang. Then on the defensive side they really put a hurt on the run game. It was an amazing game plan, and stung the Seahawks enough to sqeak out a win (enough to beat the adjustments that were made).

    With that said, I'm really intereted what they come up with to counter San Francisco. This is not going to be a repeat of the Green Bay game, I'm expecting a refined version of what the Seahawks saw, with something thrown in to counter Collin's speed.

    Don't think it will matter as SF is going to have a clear roadmap of what to counter, but I still think the Falcon's have a good shot.
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