Packers @ 49ers Game Thread

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Re: Packers @ 49ers Game Thread
Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:52 am
  • Mr9erComeNPeace wrote:
    5_Golden_Rings wrote:
    gargantual wrote:Go away Whiner troll. Don't you have your own forum to go whine at?

    How is disputing a claim that a nice young man is a thug being a "troll?" If anyone is a troll, it's that guy.

    if you dont agree your a troll.. if your a 9er fan.. your a troll... lol all i want to do is talk FB with a Rival... but it seems unless u kiss ass and denounce your 9er fanhood u will get ban.. a few trolls makes it hard for guys like me that respect the Hawks.. i still hate them but i still respect them... im from Richmond Va... the same Richmond Va where Russell Wilson was born and raised... im been watching the Kid since his days at Collegiate HS.. so i give props where they are due... and ive known what the kid capable of... and ive known he was a star longer than almost any fan here.. u guys got a gem

    I was banned by 49er forum mods. Its ridiculous.
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