Motivational Leaders on this team

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Motivational Leaders on this team
Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:41 am
  • Players on a team that can inspire, that set a tone, and can create a proper mindset or winning attitude/philosophy

    As a head Coach - Carroll delivers this in Spades, and his coaches further deliver on that approach

    Players in all 3 phrases of the team that have these qualities bring added value in sustaining a winning approach

    I think these qualities tend to be part of a person's natural make-up, as they say you are born a leader - yet

    as a young team, some of our future leaders haven't yet emerged - some may not be on the team yet?

    Could be mistaken, but haven't these type of players been a staple on many of the "quote" dynasty teams

    over the years. Lawyer Milloy would be a good example of that when he was with the team. Who do you

    think on this team will become those type of leaders/motivators? Watching the RealRobRpt you can get a

    pretty good feel for a player's traits that would lend to that player acting in the leader/motivator role.

    Who on this team offense, defense, and ST's fits those roles in your eyes? And, bearing in mind that we want to

    keep this team young, is their a player on another team that you wouldn't mind having on this team that could

    provide those attributes?

    The players on this team who I think seem to fit that natural leader/motivational role are:

    Offense: Russel Wilson - work ethic, positive approach, still growing with team and developing motivational role
    Michael Robinson - Strong Convictions, great motivational speaker, counsels other players
    Leon Washington - same attributes as MikeRob, Special Teams
    BeastMode - leads by example in how he plays, less vocal yet counsels other players

    WR's: Sidney, as the "vet" would be the logical leader, yet still think he needs to establish that
    Doug Baldwin, i think could also develop as a strong leader

    Defense: Red Bryant - Humble, Strong convictions and good motivational speaker

    None of the other DLinemen struck me as taking leadership roles

    * Nobody else has really given me a strong vibe of taking hold of this role, It almost seems more
    like leadership by committee, rather than any one particular player standing out

    I think any of these players could be strong leaders as they mature and grow into the role
    Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, KJ

    Special Teams: Leon Washington

    * these guys probably fit that role as well: Maragos, Farwell

    Hopefully, we can keep MikeRob around awhile - he provides good leadership beyond his Blocking & ST value

    Leon, may not stick - but MikeRob would provide that leadership for ST

    Our rookie QB, just may well be the lynchpin in the leadership soup for our offense, with MikeRob as motivational speaker. If Sydney doesn't ascend as a strong leader of the WR group, it wouldn't hurt to have a youthful vet in the group that could

    I think Red is the glue in providing the leadership on the DLine, as long as he is part of the mix we're OK, and the
    leadership by committe in the Backfield seems to be working

    Just wondering what you're thought are on the make-up of our team as it relates to players that provide that leadership/motivational value to the team that helps to build and sustain a winning program

    Are you comfortable with that aspect within the offense, defense, and special teams - or do you think we
    could use the addition of a few youthul vets with exceptional leadership/motivational value?

    What players would be on your shopping list that could bring that added value to this team?
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Re: Motivational Leaders on this team
Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:57 pm
  • Nice post, sorry I missed it the first time. Lately topics have been rolling off the page but this is good.

    I worry about Leon and whether the team brings him back. He is a veteran that needs to be part of the core but money due him could have the team looking for a younger option. I would want the team to hold onto Robinson and Leon on the offensive side. So I agree with your take here.

    We need a strong leader to emerge from the LB corp. Word was the Leroy spoke up more this season but he may not be brought back. He seems to have a good spirit but he can no longer start and it depends on whether he would be willing to come off the bench more and play special teams.
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Re: Motivational Leaders on this team
Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:31 pm
  • Didn't realize at the time of my post, that I had submitted it the wrong forum . . . oh well - somebody finally go around to discussing it
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Re: Motivational Leaders on this team
Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:19 am
  • You touched on several good points, but one thing I wanted to address was the possibility of Earl Thomas becoming a vocal leader. Everything I have ever seen from him on the sidelines and have read about him coming out of college was how quiet and reserved he is. If you watch Seahawks All Access, you have seen several instances of him just being laid back on the sidelines until one of the coaches or other DB's riles him up. I loved him telling Pete, "Put me on offense Pete. That's what I do. Put me on offense," after he scored on the pick six against the Bills.

    In regards to Red Bryant, his leadership is off the charts, but if he can't get the foot problem resolved he may not be the best choice going to next season as our RDE. Of course the day after I pointed out that he hasn't really done anything this season he blocked the Akers kick.

    Also, MOD's, this could spark some interesting discussion if it was moved to the main board where it belongs.
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