Evan Moore just lost the game for the Eagles

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  • A dropped pass inches from the end zone that would have sent the game to overtime. Wow, run this guy out of the league!
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  • Beat me to it was about to post this lol. He didn't do squat for us and he won't do anything for the iggles.
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  • Sometimes these guys are not who you thought they were. Not a tragic miss but for all the gushing Schneider did about him on the local radio, the guy was a miss.

    Wonder what Moore's deal is with the drops.
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  • VaporHawk wrote:Wonder what Moore's deal is with the drops.

    Clearly he was the sacrificial receptacle in the voodoo ritual used to cure Anthony McCoy of the affliction at the beginning of the season.
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  • He gets open but cannot catch the ball for some reason. He would still be here if he could.
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