Broncos having trouble signing second round QB

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  • Idiot.
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  • Can’t wait for him to play and all the linemen just step aside and he gets killed. Then as they watch him drag himself up (not helping him, mind you), they say, “Well I guess we aren’t worth a ‘premium.’”
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  • With all this slotting they have now, it's pathetic that anyone would still hold out like this. ESPECIALLY in the 2nd round.
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  • The article doesn't make any sense.

    His salary is slotted per the CBA and the Broncos aren't even allowed to deviate from that.

    If he's holding out, he's holding out for the things that can be negotiated: disbursement and offset language.

    Maybe the Broncos are one the hardline teams on offset language and they're holding that line and Lock's agent wants them to deviate from it for him because he's a QB. I dunno.
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  • From the article >>>> “He's not a quarterback yet,” Fangio said, via the NFL Network. “He's a hard-throwing pitcher that doesn't know how to pitch yet. The faster he gets that, the better off he'll be and we'll be.” <<<<<< sounds to me like the constructive criticism once directed at former rookie quarterback John Elway.

    Denver's continued attraction for hard throwing quarterbacks is interesting. We'll see how it works out for Drew Lock.
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  • Strange.
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  • QBs are taught and told their whole lives that they are "special" and more deserving than everyone else . IMO
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