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Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery...

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  • If there is a reason for someone to get permanently black balled from the league, this is it. Pending investigation, of course.

    Instead, he’ll get cut and some other team will hold their nose and sign him.
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  • Probably end up in Cleveland
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  • Why isn't this piece of $h!t banned from the league? Lack of evidence means nothing! The fact that this P.O.S. did NOT protect his own child from getting his arm broken, and didn't handle the legal issues accompanying it, is enough reason that he should be gone forever.
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  • Honestly, I can't keep track which Chief or former-Chief did which bad thing.
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  • Turns out if you're a star player, and you play with the can pretty do whatever you want. :roll:
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  • SoulfishHawk wrote:Turns out if you're a star player, and you play with the can pretty do whatever you want. :roll:

    Except play defense in the AFC championship game.
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