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Wow, Brent Grimes is as stupid as his wife.

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  • I don't think anyone will want him after this.

    The Buccaneers hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3; it was Grimes’ first game of the season, due to an injury. He was asked to shadow Steelers’ All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown, and rather than taking it as a challenge to rise to, Grimes was offended.

    Incredibly, Grimes said the fact that his salary for 2018 was $7 million meant he shouldn’t have been asked, since top cover corners make roughly twice that to follow top wideouts like Brown.

    “That’s not right,” Grimes said on his wife Miko’s show, IHeartMiko. “That’s disrespectful and it [expletive] up my whole vibe for the whole year, to be completely honest. Because it’s just disrespectful. I just felt disrespected.”
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  • It's disrespectful to make 7 mil to play a sport? Cry me a river......
    Sounds like he was scared to get toasted. What a team player :roll:
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  • It is disrespectful to do your job that you are being paid 7 million dollars a year for. Ok, I should have disrespected my superiors long ago...gone to jail for it........ but hey.
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  • That's funny. I had no idea Grimes was still "alive" in football terms.
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  • Sounds like Tampa is a great place to keep them both...far...far away
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  • Players using respect/disrespect is getting out of hand. These are incredibly entitled people.
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