Kirk Cousins / Jarvis Landry attempt world record

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  • Forgive the clickbait title and slightly indulgent post, I'm not even sure this is the correct forum but hey ho.

    Last night in London I was at the NFL UK roadshow and it was attended by Kirk Cousins, Jarvis Landry and Peter King (journalist for MMQB and SI). It was a great night full of insight and it's hard not to come away rooting for both players.

    Cousins especially was erudite and articulate. He says he was one of 8 QB's that were considered the best of that class and he was picked number 8 and how that fired him up. He did say that players use whatever they can as fire but ultimately just being in the NFL should be enough.

    Landry was a bit more "on message" with his answers but entertaining nonetheless. Plays as the Steelers on Madden in case you were wondering.

    Peter King was full of fascinating insights as you would expect a guy who has been around the NFL for so long. He name dropped Tom Brady a few times much to Landry's chagrin but he clearly knows his stuff. Him talking about interviewing Michael Irvine in a strip club was most enlightening / hilarious.

    Anyway to the thread title, Cousins and Antonio Brown hold the world record for most catches caught behind the back in 1 minute over 10 yards. I thought as its the off season you guys might want to see the facebook live they did of the attempt by Cousins and Landry. Listen out for the great deflategate reference from the Guinness adjudicator.
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  • Interesting, thanks for the post.
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