Can anyone photoshop Wilson into our new uni?

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  • Wow, This is EPIC!
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    "You can hurry up all you want. But if you can't get yards and can't complete passes, then it's just quick three-and-outs." -- Richard Sherman
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  • With Pete's knack for building an amazing secondary, it gives "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" a whole new meaning. :th2thumbs:
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  • Thanks for bringing this thread back, J! So honored to be a part of this wonderful community.
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  • I apparently missed this thread the first time around. EPIC! I am going to have to breakout my Photoshop skills for you guys soon :) I have won a lot of office Photoshop battles handily :) I wouldn't even try to top Mt Russmore though!
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  • Well played jseahawks.

    Mt Russmore is freaking epic!
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  • My favorite thread....Great job by SE174 on Mt. Russmore, and he also did my av and sig. Still owe him some IPA for that.
    Hey NFL Teams..........Enjoy your offseason
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  • Largent80 wrote:My favorite thread....Great job by SE174 on Mt. Russmore, and he also did my av and sig. Still owe him some IPA for that.

    I do love your sig. Although i've often wondered why youre on the wrong side of the bus. Get yo' ass behind the steering wheel!
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  • Dyelon42 wrote:


    These are hilarious and to keep things going here is my cheesy contribution.

    I keep coming back to this thread just for this video. OMG it's the best!
    Richard Sherman doesn't just wanna get in your head, he wants to build a vacation home there.

    R. Sherman: "I don't want to be an island. I want to be a tourist attraction. You come, I take your money & you go."
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