Goodbye Matt. (post your thoughts for him)

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  • Again, reading these (Matt) threads kinda signals an end to a era for me.....

    I agree totally with everyone's thoughts and comments......

    My only new comment to add:

    In the not-to-distant future, I hope the Seahwks Organization will do the RIGHT thing......

    When Matt's playing days are over.....

    Thank You Matthew.....You've given us a GREAT example of what we hope our kids grow up to be...............
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  • I must bea far-gone Seahawks fan because I got a little weepy when Walt retired and I feel the same way about Matt leaving. So many memories, frustrations, exultations, the good, the bad and the terribly ugly. For me, that interview was brutal, I could see and feel his pain but admire him for being positive and articulate about it. There is no doubt that our #8 will be a much sought after broadcaster when he hangs up the cleats.

    Matt is such a special person that it's no wonder "we want the ball and we are going to score" became an iconic statement. And it's a testament to Matts character that such a statement can be seen in such a positive light. No other professional player, NFL, NBA, or Baseball could made such a blunder in to such of an endearing and funny statement.

    God Bless you and yours Mr. Hasselbeck. And thanks to Pete and John for being the ones to let Matt know.
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  • Matt has been on of my all time favorite Seahawks and it will be weird watching my team without him being there. I thank him for all the memories and wish him the best in Tennessee.

    I also totally agree with the sentiment that once his playing days are over, we sign him to a 1 day contract so that he can retire as a Seahawk. That's the way it should be. He belongs on the Ring of Honor in my opinion.

    Thanks Matt and good luck!!!
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  • posting my comments from another thread:

    This interview says all there is to say about the guy. Plain and simple, one of my all-time favorite Seattle sports figures. Total class act is almost understating the guy. In today's sports landscape it's pretty rare when the guy leading your team is that stand up a guy. There's a ton of varying factors that have led to fans not fully appreciating the guy. But when all is said and done (and a couple dozen or so CW or TJ retardo plays), fans will ultimately realize what #8 meant to this team and city.

    Ken Griffey Jr, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez. These are the end all, be all that I as a Seattle sports fan of the 80s/90s/2000s have had. But I can't say that any of them made the same impact on a personal, good guy level that Matt Hasselbeck did. Matt may not have a hall of famer. But in terms of stand up guys, IMO, he was second to none.

    "It was a dream come true to be the quarterback in Seattle."

    That's a quote from this King 5 interview. A lot of pro athletes say a lot of things in today's million dollar world. And a lot of it (most of it) is disingenuine. But this interview, along with this quote from Matt was about as genuine as can be. Matt wanted to end his career her just as much as many of us wanted him to end it. Call me a sucker. But that sort of thing matters to me.

    #8 is one of the best we've ever had represent our city. It's not often that you have a player that cares as much as about the name on the front of the jersey as the one on the back. We had that with Matt. He was just as much one of us as he was a player taking in a paycheck from the team's owner. And call me a fool, but that sort of thing registered with me as a fan. And like I said before, I will continue to wear my Hass jersey at Qwest/Clink whatever the hell they are calling the stadium these days.

    Thanks Matt.
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  • I was hoping to see two years to have his leadership for the transition to many of the young guys. That leadership is hard to find.

    I watched the video, and it friggin killed me. I'm Retiring form the Navy this month, so I know what it is like to be moving on from someplace that has been a happy home for so long. Realizing the logic of moves like this doesn't really soften the blow sometimes.

    You can be going on to a good place, but it is still hard to leave.

    Fair Winds, Matt. I expect to see you retire as a Seahawk someday.
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  • I've been a fan of the Seahawks since I was a kid in the 80's, but the very first Seahawks game I ever watched in person was on 9/23/01 at Husky Stadium. It was Matt's first game starting. That's something I'm proud to say I got to see since I don't get to go to many games. Matt has been my favorite player over the last 10 years, and I'm sad to see him go, but I understand what PC & Co are trying to do and I'm cool with it.

    I wish Matt luck in TN, and I will be rooting him on until he retires. And I hope that the FO will bring him back for a day so he can retire as a Seahawk. I look forward to seeing his name in the RoH someday.
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  • Matt you are a total class act and will always be my favorite Seahawk. Good luck to you for the next few years in TN. There will be a lot of Seahawk fans pulling for you. My hope is that you will be able to come back and sign that 1 day contract so you can retire a Seahawk. I can't wait to see your name in the Ring of Honor.

    Thanks for the best 10 years of Seahawk football.

    All the best to you and your family.
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  • This is hard for me.

    Dear Matthew,
    When I became a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, I knew nothing about the team. The year was 2000. John Kitna, Brock Huard, Chad Eaton, Chad Brown... I had no idea what I was in for except that my Nebraska Cornhuskers were headed towards a downward spiral and I wasn't ready for that. I figured that if I was going to root for a team that sucked, I'd choose a new one. But I couldn't just abandon my Huskers like that. I had to switch my focus to the NFL. I picked the Seahawks for no good reason other than I liked their logo.
    I was going to college for graphic design and seemingly immediately as soon as I had chosen the Hawks as my new football team, they came up with what I think is the best logo and color scheme in the league at the time. I was, forgive me, pumped and jacked. Add in Shaun Alexander and Mike Holmgren... sorry if that stirs bad memories, Matt. I'll move on.
    So there I was, hoping to be rooting for the underdog, sporting Seahawks gear just about everywhere I went in Kearney, Nebraska. It felt cool. People would ask me why and I'd start by telling them that the Huskers were going to blow chunks under Frank Solich and I've moved on and you should too. Then I'd get into my routine about how much nicer the Pacific Northwest would be as compared to landlocked corn-producing Nebraska. I lost every argument. The only reason - Husker football and corn rule here. It felt nice. I wanted an under-the-radar underdog team and that's what I had. But I also had a new passion for graphic design and NFL football.
    I went to my first game. A preseason game in Denver. You started. You sucked badly. But holy cow is Colorado beautiful!
    The rest is history.
    You have been my one and only quarterback for my one and only NFL team. I've grown with you, perhaps largely because of you.
    This has been an amazing ten years. I love you, Matt.
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  • I watched the intro presser for him on The first thing he did before taking any questions was thank Seattle and the Seahawks organization.
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  • Thank you for everything you did for this team Matt. It's not going to be the same without #8. Wish you the best of luck on all of your endeavors in the NFL. When all is said and done, come home to retire please!
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  • Every new beginning is some other beginnings end.

    Thanks #8 - I had some hella fun times circa 2004-2006 thanks to you.

    Grabbing that snake
    Talking about the real world in Seattle on that ESPN spoof
    You, hutch, walt, Shaun and tobek at the pro bowl
    That eagles Monday night game where we eviscerated them and I knew for the first time we had the best team in the NFL
    That effin ravens game where we got screwed by the ref.s game/clock management
    Wearing my 8 jersey and feeling like a bad ass WINNER

    I could go on forever. Great memories that helped me get through tough time in my life. I cant wait to show my young son these games and teach him about the best hawks teams ever.

    I was bummed when the 80's teams fell apart at the end of the decade, it took awhile to get it back. Well have a shot again. I only hope we carry the memory of matt and the others who helped us,as fans, be able to enjoy the moment

    I hope this makes sense. I am really really drudnk right now. And this is a fukin iPad I'm using
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  • I agree 100% with everything that's being said here ...

    A role model for all fans young and old ...
    He always lead by example ...
    One of the greatest Seahawks ever ...
    They should retire him as a Seahawk ...

    I've been a fan of his since I saw him dominate a series in relief of Farve in GB on "Monday Night" ...

    I will continue to be a fan ...

    I WILL INDEED by a #8 Hasselbeck Titans jersey !!!

    I will need to save money because I have 3 kids and I'm in college at age 40 but dang-it I'm doing it !!!

    You go Matt !!! Show them all you've still got game !!!
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  • Image

    Almost surreal that this was his final game as a Seahawk, off into the sunset with his family ...

    Thank You Matt, you are the man ...
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  • My all time favorite hawk, he brought it every sunday and his shoes wont easily be filled. He is also my 13 yo sons hero (after his super awesome dad of course). Thanks matt for everything on and off the field. Class all the way.
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  • We'll see ya back here when you retire. Now, go and take that ball 'cause you're gonna score! Wait...wha?
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  • Matt was all I ever wanted in a role model for others, for my kids and a QB too...classy, humble, gifted, and a team-first guy...he got the big picture that football was a privileged avenue for him to be able to help others, to help as many people as he could....that won't change...

    Matt's still Matt, he's just moved further down the road a bit to a new home...he's much easier to see and watch as our neighbor but we can still admire him from his new digs...

    Thanks for every memory, every laugh, every reason to cheer you on and emulate all that you stand for, sir...
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  • is doing a #thankyoumatt campaign on Twitter.

    Take a minute or two out of your Sunday to do this for Matt if you can.
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  • Hi guys

    My first post so go easy on me :)

    Been a fan of the Seahawks since the mid 80s and would like to thank Matt for all the good times he gave us all - real classy guy as well as being a great QB.

    Good luck for the future Matt - wanted him to be our QB this season but not to be. Hope all goes well for you and that one day, you will be able to retire as a 'hawk.

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  • kev007 wrote:Hi guys

    My first post so go easy on me :)

    Been a fan of the Seahawks since the mid 80s and would like to thank Matt for all the good times he gave us all - real classy guy as well as being a great QB.

    Good luck for the future Matt - wanted him to be our QB this season but not to be. Hope all goes well for you and that one day, you will be able to retire as a 'hawk.


    Well said Kev ...

    Welcome to the board :D
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  • Matt, what can I say, it took me several days to even grasp what had just happened. The Holmgreen regime is finally over and Carroll's in full swing. I cannot describe how thankful I am for your time in Seattle. For a man that wasn't overly gifted like a Manning or others alike, you had the strength, and the courage to make something out of nothing and have a glorious career. The famous "we want the ball and we going to score" is something that completely defines you and forever stay in Seahawks history. Some argue if your number should be retired, well to me is a no brainer, we should retire it, and we should retire it soon. Anyway, I know that I have criticized you and often lobbied for others to be given a chance, but please do not think for a minute that I ever thought you were expendable. I have proudly owned a #8 Jersey for 9 years, and I will not discard it, but it's perhaps time for framing now, after all 9 years is a long time for a jersey. I wish you all the best for the future with Tennessee but hope that one day you'll return to be our QB coach. You were a great leader of men and an impeccable face for our loved franchise. A true class act, and an all time Seahawk great.


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  • I still don't like it. This season I will probably MF the TV everytime something bad happens and blame it on you not being there. At least with you there the blame is warranted! But I am very glad you went to a team I won't mind watching! I hope you have a great year and help the team. Show them why Seattle fans love you! Most of them... They will instantly love calling you their QB. Typing on a phone,sucks!
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  • HawkHouse wrote:
    kev007 wrote:Hi guys

    My first post so go easy on me :)

    Been a fan of the Seahawks since the mid 80s and would like to thank Matt for all the good times he gave us all - real classy guy as well as being a great QB.

    Good luck for the future Matt - wanted him to be our QB this season but not to be. Hope all goes well for you and that one day, you will be able to retire as a 'hawk.


    Well said Kev ...

    Welcome to the board :D

    Thanks man! :D
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  • Matt,

    You're the only player whose jersey I've bought, and I proudly wear it on Sundays down here in Texas. You have epitomized what it means to be a professional athlete with class, charisma, leadership, and just enough talent to create many everlasting memories. We will all miss you and the franchise will never be quite the same without you leading the team.

    Wishing you the best of luck on the field, and in the booth down the road.
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  • Matt,

    Amazing to look back and remember that when you first joined the team, I hated watching you play! Sure was awful for a while, wasn't it? I know it's time for you to move on, but I'll always remember, beside your on-field talents, what a nice, personable, stand-up guy you are. (Not to mention a pretty funny prankster as well.)

    Good luck with life, wherever you go.
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  • Matt, I'll miss you something fierce; I already do, and we have yet to see our first pre-season game. It's too bad you had to part ways with us, but I get it. That's how things work out sometimes. I'm humbled by the contributions you've made to this team and to this region, on and off the field. You're truly a class act, and every single NFL player should strive to be as good of a person as you are.

    I will never forget all the great memories you gave us, and I haven't even started thinking about the Super Bowl season, yet.

    I really, really hope you get that ever-elusive ring with the Titans...or perhaps one as a coach for the Seahawks after you retire. :)

    Thanks for everything!
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  • I can only thank you for all the great moments, many I will never forget. I understand all the reasons for what has happened, but deep down it doesn't change the crappy feeling right now and when the team steps on the field this year it will take a few moments for me to really grasp whats happened. Thanks again Matt!!!
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  • Thanks for all the great memories and for being such a classy player.
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  • Matt your jersey is the only one I own. Your name is now synonymous with Seahawks-Quarterback in my mind, this town, and the rest of the nation. No other QB led us to a Superbowl (and played well enough to win it).

    It rips me up you didn't end your career here but I will watch Titans games just to see you and cheer you just as hard. Look if the Titans play the Hawks I hope you hang 40 on us. I love my team but until some other QB comes along and lays it out like you did for that long and takes us to the Superbowl, in my head rooting for you is rooting for the Seahawks screw it.

    Most of the time I feel I'm rooting for laundry and I get that, it's okay, but I never felt that way rooting for you I felt just like I did as a kid before the business side was more known to me. You were always ours and will still be ours even if you win a ring with the Titans (I hope you do).
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  • Matt's winning personality caused the team to start him at QB 2 seasons beyond where they should have.

    I'm happy the Seahawks are now seeming to focus on what's best for the TEAM, versus individual players.

    I also appreciate very much all of Matt's contributions and effort while wearing a Seahawk uniform, was very happy he played so well during his final game at home at Qwest, beating the reigning SB champs, as well as playing equally well during the playoff loss to the Bears. He was able to leave the Seahawks having played his final two games as well as he ever did. I'd love to see him click with the Titans and be able to retire on a high note, and hope he gets his much deserved place on the ROH at C-Link.

    HST, modern professional sports are all about free agency, and I learned years ago not to invest a lot of money into supporting individual players because it always tempts fate to take that player away soon thereafter. I feel very fortunate to support a team that has assigned its fans their very own number, and I wear #12 proudly on my Hawks replica jersey with my own last name embroidered on the back.
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  • Thanks for the good times! I wish you the best with the Titans. I hope we see you coaching or commentating someday.
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  • Go back and watch the team highlights video for 2009 (scary thought, I know) and there's a really good section on Matthew. Trust me. Don't think about it, just do it.
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  • We'll miss watching you Matt. I've watched the Hawks my whole life but you were the first quarterback that I really watched from the start to the end...

    Good luck and kick Peyton's butt.
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  • It didnt really hurt and sink in until I saw this


    Best wishes with your new team... as long as you're not facing Seattle in the Super Bowl
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  • Matt was a class act...good luck dude
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:Go back and watch the team highlights video for 2009 (scary thought, I know) and there's a really good section on Matthew. Trust me. Don't think about it, just do it.

    I did it and it made me think of a bunch of things.....

    1. I'm thankful to God above that the Seahawks had the brains and balls to run Lil Jimmie Mora out of town. He has to be the worst coach in franchise history, bar none. I felt terrible the one season he was coach to be a Seahawk fan.I can't explain it.

    2. I knew the day was coming that #8 wasn't going to be here as our qb .With time, I've been able to understand it and accept it. I still think he is better than Tavarius Jackson, but that isn't the point. But he is my favorite Seahawk of all time.

    3. Our team is all of a sudden young, fast and big. The o-line is made up of 3 first round draft choices, and a couple of 2nd rounders. They average 6'5" and 315 lbs.... This shit is funny. Not so funny for our opponents.

    Thank you Mr Hasselbeck, you freakin rule and good luck with Tennesee Titans.

    Your fan,

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  • ak3000 wrote:It didnt really hurt and sink in until I saw this


    Best wishes with your new team... as long as you're not facing Seattle in the Super Bowl

    Ouch...that does hurt. He'll never look right in that uniform...Just like Favre never looked right in a Jets uniform.
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  • I remember watching you in preseason with the Packers. I was like that kid can play damn. Then you got traded to my Seahawks I was so happy. Words can not express how you exceeded my expectations. Some might not of like you at first I always had your back. I was screaming how you needed more time. When you came in for Dilfer in Dallas, I knew you were going to a leader and a great qb for this team. Never thought you would of been the best that this franchise ever had. Great Job Matthew thanks for all the memories and a job well done. See you in the ring of Honor my friend you deserve it. Wish you and your family nothing but the best. Good luck and thank you so much for all you have done for the Seahawks. You will be missed and always loved by the 12th man.
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  • Matt Hasselback,
    Thank you for all the fawn momorries of your outstanding plays here in Seattle. You where one of our team's best players, your leadership on and off the field and all that you've done in our comminity. Your a hall of famer in our book and wish you the best of luck with your new team and where the best punter we've ever had.

    sniff sniff....tear
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  • "hASSelBACK you will ALwayS bE MAANNNNNN!"

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  • Good bye matt when he showed up I couldnt believe we were going that route and not in a good way now I cant believe he is gone Its been a great run we will never forget.
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  • Thanks for all the great memories Matthew, as well as for all the effort and leadership. You were a class act and always were respectful. I can't wait for the day to see your name in the Hawks ring of Honor!
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