Open Welcome Letter from .NET to Pete Carroll

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  • Welcome to Seattle, Coach Pete. And congratulations. I hope you embrace the Seahawks as we all on this board have. Seahawk Nation stretches far and wide and we are a proud and faithful fanbase. We all hope you have greatest time of your life as The Head Coach of The Seattle Seahawks.
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  • ballerhawk wrote:Dear Pete,

    please understand that with the last two seasons going the way they have, your honeymoon here will be short.
    also understand that most fans here started being fans during the midst of a winning season and a shiny new stadium and as such, are not accustomed to "dog years". they also have a habit of rearranging history. win big and people will raise their children to believe you were the litteral second coming of jesus christ. lose and everything bad that ever happens will be blamed on you facts be damned [see deon branch "you know where to find me" comments].
    also understand that most of these fans honestly believe they can run the team better than you despite having a limited amount of actual football knowledge. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.
    they will want you to trade everybody then blame you if these traded players and they do well on another team,
    they will want you to commit to the run ON A WEST COAST OFFENSE (if you don't understand the irony in that, your stay here will be short),
    they will swear matt hasslebeck is too old then point to kurt warner and brett favre as qb's they want, or funnier still a young qb when he is doing well (but will look the other way when his rookie is showing).
    just treat them like your kid with add. win and they will go to games and cheer.

    hang in there.

    given the opportunity to actually possibly communicate with Pete Carroll, you make a post like this and then ironically, insult others' intelligence around here. WOW.
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  • Welcome Coach,

    We're happy to have you and excited for the future of Seahawks football. We're a great fan-base that stretches across the nation, we're ready for a competitive team, we're ready for a winning team. We know you'll give us everything you've got, and we will reciprocate. As fans, we love to be "in the know," to be a part of the Seahawks 365 days a year. The 12th Man is here for you, now let's get it started!


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  • Lets bump this and take a look 4 years later...
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