Richard Sherman signed helmets go for $8,000 a piece

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  • So yesterday at the softball game, they did a few auctions and 3 of RS signed helmets ended up going for $8k a piece. $24k raised for that foundation in less than 5 mins. I thought that was insane some people would be willing to pay that much for a signed helmet. I understand it was for a good cause but damn, you could get a replica with ET and RS signatures for under $600. Oh well I was curious as to what other people thought about this
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  • It was for his foundation so there is a bit more to buying it than the helmet itself and getting a good deal. Cool story though. So glad we resigned RS.
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  • You're thinking of it as a collector, and letting the fact that it's for a good cause act as an aside. It's the other way around. It's for a good cause, and then you get to take something away from it. People go knowing they pay inflated prices. Besides, think of it this way, if someone has the money to pay that much for an item that everyone knows can be acquired for a tenth of the price, they're probably doing alright financially. Heck, if I had the cash and could get a collectible I wanted and help kids, win win all around, would do it in a hearbeat
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  • How much of this is tax deductible? The money is donated to a charity after all..

    Where can I find
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  • As a Seahawker, I volunteer at a couple of player and former player events throughout the season and offseason and most, if not all, have some auction component to them.

    Every time, I see memorabilia, tickets and other swag go for much, much more than a reasonable value on the collectors market but, as others have said, it is for charity. First, you loosen inhibitions with free booze, then cue the foundation organizers/beneficiaries for their speeches, then auction off items and rake in the dough. You don't want common sense coming in between any part of that process, otherwise the event is a bust in terms of its ultimate goal.
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  • Barthawk wrote:How much of this is tax deductible? The money is donated to a charity after all..

    The amount above the actual value would be tax deductible. So if it is worth $600 then $7,400 would be tax deductible

    You are still looking at 2/3s of that as a donation
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  • I bought a cake for $480 before. It was for a cancer benefit. Same principal...
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  • It happens everywhere, all the time. Help support our cause for this much, and get this trinket as a token of our appreciation. And if you give THIS much, you will get this lovely collectible signed thingy.
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  • Off topic (a little): ...OP's comment made me want to go look and see how much my Russell Wilson autographed mini helmet was worth. Turns out he must not sign things with the "Matt 6:33" bible verse anymore because that one is going for just above $400 now (I got it for $99 w/certificate of auth, right after the ATL loss in the playoffs). Of course, I'd never sell it, but it's awesome to see it rise that fast.

    Anyway...carry on.
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  • It's a donation, end of story.
    Yeah, I can get you a Lynch GAMER for that price.
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