Garrett Scott’s football future still hangs in the balance

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    Scott’s football future still hangs in the balance as the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks open 2014 training camp next week in Renton, Wash. Scott will be there … he just can’t work on the field yet with players he considers his new teammates.
    Per Scott, one wall of a heart ventricle is thicker than the other. This can be caused by strenuous exercise, so Scott believes that perhaps it first appeared when he was training for the Draft. The Seahawks do not have him on any medication -- they're simply asking him to rest. Apparently there is a chance his heart could return to normal and he'd be cleared to play football again, even as soon as this season.
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  • You always hate to see a young man's football career ended early, especially by a non-football condition.

    Best wishes to the kid. I'm still amazed, and proud, that my Seahawks did what they did re: his contract. That was way cool.
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  • The kid was extremely lucky that this was discovered before strenuous practice in extreme heat.
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  • It's the same condition that killed several athletes, including Hank Gathers. It's also the condition that USC doctors found in linebacker Frankie Telfort in 2009 that prevented him from ever playing at USC. Somewhat similarly to the Hawks signing Scott to a contract anyway, USC honored Frankie's scholarship through 2013 so that he could still go to school. ... lfort.html

    I'm no doctor, so maybe there's a chance Scott can actually play. I'd be surprised, however.

    By the way, I believe Frankie will be a coaching intern at the Hawks camp this year. After he had to quit playing, Pete made him a student coach and he continued that role after Pete left.
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