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Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:28 am
  • This whole time some of us have kind of been thanking all the nay-sayers fans, talking heads, and mediots going negative on the Seahawks, picking against them, and giving the team another chip on its shoulder to feed off of. Giving the team of underdogs a bulldog's mentality, boss.

    In another thread I mentioned it would have been better off if everyone had just hyped the Seahawks and put them in the pressure cooker of expectations.

    I now realize the Broncos are that team getting the steam. They are the team that has to burden the majority of the world's expectation. Its Manning, one of, if not the best QB of his ERA but also one of the biggest chokers, who now has to secure his whole legacy.

    Its the Broncos with the greatest offense ever that's going against physicality of #1 defense that still won't be good enough to stop Manning.

    Its the Broncos defense, hats going against the physicality of the Seahawks Offense, and Broncos behind Knighton are good enough to stonewall Lynch and one of the best Rushing Offenses in the league. Plus, a passing defense spear-headed by Champ Bailey and DRC who are good enough to shutdown Wilson and the Seahawks pedestrian WRs.

    Its all Broncos, Broncos, Broncos.

    The Seahawks see that, and likely they like "Eh, we'll just play our game like we have always played it... No one believes in us... that's fine... We All We Got, We All We Need... Physicality on 3"

    The Broncos see the hype, and now they are EXPECTED to perform, EXPECTED to be better, EXPECTED to win.

    And for me, I see those expectations anchoring down the Broncos much like when the Saints tried to play us, they got aggressive and physical and tried to match the Seahawks intensity, its primal behavior, its raw, unadulterated toughness.

    Fight fire with fire.

    And because of those expectations I see the Broncos expending valuable energy thinking to win they are going to have to come out guns blazing and punch the brute and brawn built Seahawks hard in the mouth and knock them off their element of success.

    They'll try to be the bigger dog.

    I also see the Broncos losing that battle with the bigger, faster, stronger, tougher Seahawks team. The Broncos won't go round for round for 3 QTRs, only to throw the lop-sided knock-out punch in the 4th QTR like they did in the regular season to blow-out most teams.

    With no beast of burden of weighted expectations, the Seahawks will play their brand of football, and Denver is just not physical enough nor is their roster deep enough to play Seahawks brand of football for 4 QTRs.

    And under said expectations I feel Manning will choke like he always does and the Broncos will collapse as the Seahawks brand of football breaks their collective will.

    Broncos fans and the majority of the nation better hope the Denver Mannings can score enough in the first half because the second half will belong to the Seahawks rampaging over a fatigued Broncos team.

    PC: Can we win in the 1st QTR?
    Team: NO!
    PC: Can we win in the 2nd QTR?
    Team: NO!!
    PC: Can we win in the 3rd QTR?
    Team: NO!!!
    PC: Can we win in the 4th QTR?
    Team: YES!!!!
    WE ALL WE GOT, WE ALL WE NEED!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:03 am
  • Well said.
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Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:29 am
  • quote:
    Its all Broncos, Broncos, Broncos.

    The Seahawks see that, and likely they like "Eh, we'll just play our game like we have always played it... No one believes in us... that's fine... We All We Got, We All We Need... Physicality on 3" :: un quote.

    I like this part especially.
    Go Hawks.

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Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:38 am
  • I can not believe how many pick the Broncos. It is an insult, really. But whatever.
    The nation fan poll has it 50/50 ( the real people who know football.)
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Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:13 am
  • Seattle is the much more physical team, and it will show and payoff.

    I agree with Kenny Easley, I'm thinking 15+ point victory for Seattle. Seattle is a complete team. Denver's offense is a bit overrated due to the weak defenses in the AFC, they haven't played a defense even close to the Hawks, and they are basically a 1 man team on that side of the ball. Be stout against the run and pressure Pey Pey consistently.

    Denver's defense is overrated. They are not going to be able to stop Beastmode, Wilson (who will run more), Baldwin, Tate, Kearse, and Harvin. I believe Pete and he who wont be named will open up the playbook and anything is on the table. I think they will start out calling a conservative game plan but will open it up in the second half and start running away with it.

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