No time left. Down 2. 48 yd fg for the win....

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  • How confident are you? And how many of us die from heart attacks?
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  • Very confident.
    "Think how powerful our togetherness will be, our mindset will be as we know that we've shouldered this and move forward. This is really hard to take now, but in the long run, it will make us stronger. Our guys are so strong and our future is bright." Pete Carroll
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    Marvin49 wrote:Ok. I have to admit. That's messed up.

    You win.
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  • Depends on wind... Oh, and how bad my wife is. She is super high strung and it totally impacts me.
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  • Pete calls the kicking team back, TD pass to kearse!
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  • I would be nervous just because of the magnitude of the moment.

    But I wouldn't want any other kicker than the one we've got.
    Radish and Cheinhill — Gone, but not forgotten
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  • IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE WIND. On whether Haushka makes it just or with room to spare. Moneyhausch
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  • I would be anxiously confident, but the moment it leaves his foot and you can see that it's true and long enough, would become the greatest moment in seahawks history

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  • Hauschaka and Pete share a little glance and Hauschka tells him "I got this one...Boss"!

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  • Unless the wind is howling (which it is not supposed to be doing, especilly that late in the evening), VERY confident. After all, Scott Norwood ain't our kicker. Steven's been money all year long.
    Am I the first to see what you did there J (Norwood), or was it coincidence?
    Nice to see you back on .net BTW. Seems like it's been a while.
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  • I'm calling for 23-20 Hawks. The first ever OT game in the Superbowl. Haushka with a 44 yarder to win it. And this after both teams have already had the ball once.
    60 percent of the works........every time
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  • Wouldn't be able to tell as i'd likely black out and not wake up until early next week.
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  • HouseMoney. Nuff said!
    "Look, now they got a bicycle"
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  • And Hauschka is the MVP!!! Yeah
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  • Very confident. Just hopeful the trip to the Pearly Gates is a quick one so that I can find out if he did in fact make it.
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  • Hauschka is money! In fact, one could say that we are "playing with Hauschka money!" Oh yes I did!
    "God Bless the Seattle Seahawks" Cortez Kennedy
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  • all the confidence in the world in Hauschka. considerably less in the NJ weather in February.
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