Super Bowl observations from NYC, the first 12 hours

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  • I flew in from the west coast, arrived here late Wednesday night...went right to my place in Brooklyn----these are my initial, however brief, thoughts:

    On my flight from Minny to JFK there were three guys in SB gear...myself,,a good guy from eastern Washington----we were both repping big. The sole Broncos fan sported an old crusty orange Broncos cap, that's it. Kinda lame.

    On that flight we spoke with a guy from GB. He was pulling for us. He loved the Wisconsin connection the 'Hawks had. He went to high school with JS and said he was a real good guy, even back then.

    Arriving in NYC, it was ice cold. I mean freezing your nuts off cold. Hideously cold. It's supposed to warm up..I can't see that not happening cuz it couldn't get much colder. The wind was fierce too.

    I'm off to Times Square in a few hours to check out SB boulevard where all the action is taking place. I'll take pics too...if you'd like em posted, no worries...if not, I respect that too.

    I'm still,without a game day ticket so we will see how that search goes today. Prices online seem to be stuck at $1,500 for nose bleeders.

    If you've got questions or comments, or suggestions---just post em and I'll do my best to address them for you once I'm back from the SB boulevard etc or maybe even before I head out the door later this morning.

    Go 'Hawks!!
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