Random .NET mention in AV Club SB article

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Random .NET mention in AV Club SB article
Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:56 pm
  • I'm ashamed to admit that I read AV Club. Its writers and reviewers put together the sort of pseudo-intellectual criticism that any first-year grad student would mistakenly think was good, thoughtful writing.

    HOWEVER, some of y'all got mentioned and I'm glad to share it with anyone who cares. Linky: ... -bo-200983

    Fan Forum Check-In: Seahawks.NET

    Seahawks.NET is the voice of the “12th Man,” and AS SUCH, ALL OF ITS SUBFORUM NAMES ARE RENDERED IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Super Bowl excitement is at a boiling point in THE OFFICIAL NET NATION FAN FORUM, and the usual rules of decorum are breaking down, forcing a board moderator to step in.

    Broncos Fans: If you are going to come to our forum—a SEAHAWKS forum—and argue with us about how we feel about our team, then you will be shown the door. It looks like we already have several new members, so in respect to keeping this place readable the next couple weeks, this is acting as a one and only warning. If you stir the pot, you’re gone. If you want to have some discussion about our teams and act like an adult, you’ll be welcome.
    DO NOT turn conversations about our team into Broncos threads. You’ll be shown the door if you do.
    It must be a pretty scary door.

    Seahawks.NET members don’t need to pick on Broncos fans anyway, as they have more worthy targets, like Macklemore.

    It continues after that last line with more posts from a couple of you, but I didn't want to post too much here and get modded.
    Colin Kaepernick is a great person, something that the NFL is sorely lacking.
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  • Yikes...
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    RIP BFS. He was kind of a douche, but he was our kind of a douche.
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  • Don't you ever talk about .net! Its the best! Try us with a hipster-laden meme-factory toolshed site, that's the result you gonna get!
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  • Hawknballs wrote:Don't you ever talk about .net! Its the best! Try us with a hipster-laden meme-factory toolshed site, that's the result you gonna get!

    Ya! What he said! .Net all about the ACTION BOSS!
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  • Haha, I am in there too.

    People cannot take a freaking joke these days. Plus it was actually a compliment. This guy is just pathetic.
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