How effective will Sherman be on Sunday?

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How effective will Sherman be on Sunday?
Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:33 pm
  • I feel like the more controversial and 'against the grain' Sherm is the better he performs. I'm not so sure I like this 'new' and 'tamed' Sherm. He sounds a bit too 'nice' and 'politically correct'. I don't think it will but I have to admit I've had a few thoughts about whether all the recent media hoopla might affect his performance. I want to see that trash talking, brash, cocky guy before and during the game!
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  • He'll be supremely effective by either getting an interception or several deflections if Peyton's not scared to throw at him, or he'll shutdown whoever he covers pretty much the entire game because Peyton won't throw at him.

    Either way, he is exceptionally valuable regardless of what his Super Bowl stats will end up saying.
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  • Sherman doesn't talk trash to and really likes and respects Larry Fitzgerald, doesn't stop him from going up and stealing balls from him or shutting him down on the field.
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  • You must not follow him enough if you think this is new. He's always been like this. He goes at those that disrespect him and shows humility and praises those that he respects.
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  • He will be himself.
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  • Norcalhawklover wrote:He will be himself.

    Which is about as good as it gets. ;)
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