My Official prediction for the game.

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My Official prediction for the game.
Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:45 pm
  • So i thought i would get it out there , to see how off i am after sunday. I get 'feelings' , i dont know how to explain it more, sometimes spot on, sometimes not. I would say the seahawk intuition correct % is about 90. So here is my take on this game.

    Big Factors that unbais media SHOULD be talking about: The rest factor. The 49ers have played 3 tough road games recently and now this mountain of morridor is thier 4th. Yeah inspiration and caffiene can get you by for a bit but really, with how deep the seahawks are.. fatigue will likely be a factor. (depending on time of possession)

    why i say TOP is simple, if we make mistakes and if the 9ers get stopped on 1st down, 2nd down and then on 3rd and long get a defensive holding to extend drives and personal foul calls on us... while we go 3 and out... that will not take advantage of the fatigue as well as if Seattle can jump out early and run the ball to dictate and control TOP as im sure the offense and Pete would LOVE to see happen.

    I think Friday or if Pete really is a dog he can push it to Sat but I do think Percy WILL play an have an impact. I look for Golden and or Miller to have a career day , but acutally i think more Golden with the contract coming up, its fitting story to have a huge day, Miller pissed off the passing gods and i think hes just screwed 4Life.

    So if the media gets what they want, a slow ravens steelers low scoring game then look for stupid penalities and look for just to rise above then momentum killing penalities and WIN 19-13.

    however I do see the blowout option. If Percy Does play, if Carlos rogers is really a step slower, If Daryl Bevell is tired of being laughed at by ESPN and also seemed to have coached his way out of HC position consideration... so yeah if Bevell is a man, look for him to shake it up this or there, something, maybe w percy or maybe like the flicker with lynch earlier.. just something, Our D is going to play inspired, worst case they are too fired up , give up and early TD but correct it, and our O can work from behind while our D holds em tight at 10 or less points, because SF will NOT get more than 20 without special teams miracles. yeah so pretty much that, i expect seattle to whoop some hass(elbeck) , win by 14-25(two touchdowns + more points.) , UNLESS the NFL is going to play some BS like they did with the Colts game.. .

    part of the blowout option is the 12th man, not to be corny or cleche but with the energy of the 12th man LAST nfc championship I gotta say that energy is crazy. I think the people of the pacific northwest are so passive aggressive that the seahawks are a chance to release deep powerful energies that have a tangable effect on the opposing players. the twelve man collective will. IMO the cardinals game just caught us all sleeping, i felt then that could be a loss beforehand and think it really was to our benefit.

    im just a dude nobody special, i dont think im special, just wanted to get this down in case im spot on i can look back and maybe become famous who knows. thoughts? where am i wrong?
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