In regards to the play of Russell Wilson

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In regards to the play of Russell Wilson
Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:29 pm
  • Remember last year when the team was winning, but also losing some games early, but Russ still was in position to get a win. Remember how it was talked about how Carroll just let him start doing his thing....well I think that it would not be to insane to think that maybe they got in that mode a bit this year as it got closer to the end of the regular season.

    Anyone else get the impression that there was a conscious shift to lean more on the defense towards the end of the season? The Wilson we've seen these last 4-5 weeks has looked a lot like the one from the beginning of last season. I honestly think we would have seen a Wilson more in line with the one from the end of last season through the playoffs if the weather had not been so bad with the winds and such.

    If the weather is not like it was last week, I think we will see something much closer to what we saw the second half of the Atlanta game last year in the playoffs. Carroll is a smart, smart guy and excellent coach and more than anyone him and the coaches there all know what Wilson can do if they take the leash off. I am don't believe we will see anything other than greatness from Wilson on Sunday and he will elevate his teammates while leading them through the 49'ers.
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